We Are Witnesses

Have you witnessed something unforgettable?

Going through life gives us good and bad things to witness in every area. It does something to us as we are connected to every experience in a personal way. In some ways, we own our lives though our personal experiences. This is a real imprint in our lives and the makeup of who we are.

To be a witness is to have evidence.

This evidence proves where we have been and what we have seen or felt. It empowers us to share and relate to because it is part of us. Evidence can exude joy or sorrow, emit pain or healing, and this impacts ourselves along with others. In our culture, evidence is linked to crime scenes. Police piece together evidence for trials. The evidence alone can prove innocence or guilt.

We, too, have had many crime scenes in our lives, things we are ashamed of or embarrassed about. Jesus takes the evidence against us and turns it into His glory through His grace and mercy. It is His love that covers a multitude of sins. It is His goodness that leads us to repentance. Our focus is to be a witness, to give anyone the evidence of God in our lives.

We are witnesses!

Our challenge is to give our evidence away, thus overcoming our shame and guilt. It’s trumping the embarrassment or failures of our lives by linking His Grace and Mercy to where we have been. Could it be that the greatest thing we have to give is our evidence?

This is personal! This is real! This is powerful as it connects to where we have been and what He is doing in our lives. It’s the one thing no one can take away in a debate or argument, because it’s who we are!

“You shall receive power after when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere.”

Acts 1:8

Our focus is not to “figure it out” but to let Him out!

Our moment is now to live fully for Him as a witness. To impact eternity while loving all people anywhere and everywhere. It’s to be a witness with the evidence we have. It’s to be humble with others as we have received His goodness freely!

Will you give your evidence away? Will you be a witness for Him?

The chance of a lifetime is to give to others what God has given to us! This crosses politics, race, economics, gender, beliefs and more. This is the language that the world listens to and longs for; the love of God!

Give it today! Share it today! Let Him out today!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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