Cussin’ Fools

Life gives us plenty of chances to be frustrated, leading us to potentially mess up with our words.

Have you been there?

We all have made errors with our words multiple times. It can be easy to give in and become a cussing fool, slandering others and our situation. You see. while we tend to think in the moment, our enemy is thinking down the road, and would love to get us off track. What we say has direct impact on where we go. This is not a mind trick, but the reality of our humanity, which is why our words are hugely important.

Our hearts are revealed through what we say, and our hearts reveal what we are thinking. Our words display our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and others. They reveal our true person and give direction to where we are going. For example, if we are constantly saying what we can’t or won’t do, how bad life is, and how things will not work out, what do we think will happen? When we face our reality, and declare that our God is greater than our troubles, our words take a different direction. We begin to say “I can do all things”, “this will work out,” “my life has great potential,” “the best is ahead,” and “God is leading me into what is best”.

This feeds hope. When we have hope our outlook is better, our purpose is seen and our promise is fulfilled. When our hope is strong, we can resist being a cussing fool. When our hope is low, it’s easier to cave in and go down a dangerous path.

Life wants us in chaos, and our enemy wants us to become a cussing fool, so we easily can end up cursing things and the people around us. This trick fools us too often. We must learn to resist and triumph over it.

Are you a cussing fool in any area of your life?

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. Notice that we choose the consequences of our talking, either life or death. This is the difference of speaking with hope or being a cussing fool. It’s our choice daily!”

Proverbs 18:21

No matter what you are facing today, our God is greater! No matter how life has unfolded, it’s not too late. No matter what is falling apart, He can put it back together. Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid and start cussing what He will work out! This is our moment and our opportunity for a miracle.

Direct your words to Him! Direct your hope to Him, and allow Jesus to be the Prince of Peace in all situations.

I believe in you. May the Lord bless your week! The best is ahead!


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