Bridges play a big role in our travel and everyday living. Can you imagine not having the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge? Think of all the traffic and barriers that would keep us from our destinations. It would be chaos! If you think about where you live and where you travel daily and weekly, there is probably some kind of bridge that you use in order to go from point A to point B. Without bridges, we are stuck and limited in our needs and routes; moreover, we trust bridges to take us over rivers, valleys and highways. I’m thankful for bridges!
We all need a bridge at some point in our life. This natural aspect of travel reveals a great truth for Jesus? Church and what He wants from us. As I write this, there are many people throughout America who feel under attack because of their religion, gender, ethnicity, or lifestyle. So many people have threats from multiple enemies that the darkness can feel overwhelming. Yet in the darkness is where His Church has the opportunity to shine the brightest. In the fear and sadness we can be a bridge!

This is challenging because a bridge is not meant to keep people out but rather to let people in. Its very nature is to provide a way to the other side, and for us, this defines the Church. Jesus called us to make a difference, not to make a point. It’s our duty through the love of God to bring all people into His presence and to provide a clear, simple way for anyone to cross into life everlasting. Therefore, we must listen, love, forgive and give to others what someone gave to us – grace!

“In this new life, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave or free. Christ is all that matters, and He lives in all of us.”

Colossians 3:11

Notice this speaks to all of us who are Christ-followers. We have a new life to walk in. We have a new way of living and thinking towards others. In Christ, the expectation we live by is the Word of God. Therefore, I choose to not be a racist, a bigot or inflammatory to those different from me. I see all people through the eyes of God. Because He died for the world, my job is to be a bridge for anyone to cross and meet Jesus!

“How can you not love those you see, when you love God who you cannot see?”

1 John 4:20

This new life causes us to love past what we see because we love God, whom we cannot see. This is our moment! This is our chance to make a difference, but it requires an open heart and the compassion of Jesus. What will you do?

Walls are easy to put up. They do a good job of keeping out those who make us uncomfortable and those who are different from us, but there is a better way. Bridges take time, but they make a way and bring people together. Jesus is the bridge into eternity, so why wouldn’t we be a bridge as well so others can have Him?
I challenge all of us to resist the norm and love all ethnicities, all groups and all those different from us. What are we afraid of? Jesus loved us when we were outside His will. So why can’t we love those right now who are not with Christ? It’s our moment, and America needs the Church to stand up. The world needs to see Jesus as He lives in us; therefore, what we do determines the Christ they will see.

Make a difference. Be a bridge. Be different, and in the process, God will make a difference in us!
My challenge to you today is to take a small step and begin to love someone different from you so that the bridge process begins in your world. It could be your neighbor, co-worker, spouse, stranger or other, but take a small step and watch God begin to do something amazing! The best is ahead, so be a bridge to that awesome future!

Have a great week and may Christ do great things through you,

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