Light it Up

Light is powerful and essential for our health and survival. Light touches people, plants, animals and more as it beams life into our planet. What’s cool is that the light in nature reflects spiritual truth (Romans 1:20), and it points to Jesus. Can you imagine a period of time with no light? This would cause chaos and confusion everywhere as we depend on the sun to rise in the East, just like we expect it to set in the West. It’s a part of our day, and we plan our lives around it. Even the night gives light. Stars and constellations are amazing, and the moon impacts the tide of the oceans. How great is God!

What’s even deeper is that Jesus calls us “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). We are His Church reflecting Him, the Answer that everyone is yearning for. How humbling to know that our imperfect lives can count for eternity; we can be used by God at the same time we are being changed by Him. In the middle of our crisis and dysfunction, He is gracious and merciful doing good in us so that we can do good to others. His Love needs no response and never stops. His love continually runs after humanity seeking to be with us and in us! This is the mystery to the world, that God gives His Love freely so that we are with Him forever. There is no one like Jesus!

This is why we must choose to live bright side up; yet so many times it’s easier to be withdrawn and cold to those around us. We look at our differences, major on minors and judge others because they don’t do what we want. It’s also easy to have dividing lines with churches as we create categories to label and critique others. We are told that we must be political and have our voices heard; we should promote one political party over another. This is a lie that many of us get sucked into, and it leads us down the road of being “political” instead of “relational.” Being political takes us away from the unimaginable opportunity to simply be His light!

What an honor to be His light and to live bright side up as we shine into the darkness, not berating others, but loving others so that they see Jesus. Our greatest joy is not protesting but promoting Jesus. Our greatest joy is not being dogmatic but demonstrating His love and power. Our greatest joy is not condemning others but being convicted of our own issues, thus becoming more like Him. Our greatest joy is not correcting the darkness but rather shining His light in the darkness!

Think about it. We get to reflect the God of heaven in our lifetimes to as many people as possible all while we are still in process. God includes us in the solution for the world. We can help, and we can rescue. This is our mandate. It’s our time, and it’s His heart for His Church! Will you live bright side up?

“Make your light shine, so others will see the good you do and will praise your Father in Heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Bright side up simply means to love God and love people by doing good to others! When we let the love that is in us come through us then miracles happen. We are His extension in our communities. He is waiting and wanting to use us through our good deeds to others. When we allow God to use us in this way, His light is shining into the darkness; His Kingdom wins in the lives of others.

How easy is this?

Sometimes a religious mindset makes it about everything but Him, thus taking us away from Him. We have to protect living bright side up! We can’t let others, religion or anything else take this from us. It’s our destiny to live this way, and it’s our mission as His Church!

Will you join me? When we make a difference in others, God makes a difference in us! It’s our moment, and it’s our time! Shine for Him! Live bright side up!!

Have a great week, and the best is yet to come!


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