Me, Myself and My Friends

Relationships are the most challenging and most rewarding parts of our lives. They can bring the best or worst out of us in a matter of minutes, and no one is exempt. In fact, we all have had melt downs, and we’ve had moments that touched our hearts deeply. We don’t have to be ashamed of this because we’re all in the same place. But, if we take time to dig deep, our struggle with others is revealing our struggle with ourselves.

This touches our insecurities, fear, awkwardness and secrets, leaving us with many hurdles within our own hearts – let alone the hurdles we face with others. I firmly believe that when we are stuck with others it’s because we are stuck with ourselves. Relationships truly reveal and test our faith. We are presented with so many chances to act like Jesus and to let Jesus heal us, but it’s hard isn’t it?

We are constantly dealing with Me, Myself and Friends which tests our patience and character in Christ. This alone provides enough testing for a lifetime, and if you think about it, all of our issues are stemming from Me, Myself and Friends.

But what if others are helping us to grow closer to Jesus?

This truth is too often forgotten as we seek to make points, prove we are right and declare we have won, leaving broken and hard hearts. Yet this pattern misses the main issue of our lives being healed and more like Christ. It seems Christians either resist community all together or over-spiritualize everything to avoid seeking accountability. Both are wrong, and leave a hollow experience with relationships.

Think of what Jesus said in John 13:34:

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”

John 13:34

Look at His standard for Me, Myself and Friends.

He expects us to grow in our faith so that we give His love to those for or against us. He expects that we want what’s best for others even when it means we get nothing in return. It’s letting go and receiving. It’s walking in wisdom and discernment, knowing who should be close to you and those who should stay at a distance. Through it all, we love freely, and thus we are free.

Therefore, how are you doing with Me, Myself and Friends?

It’s my hope that you take your next step with yourself and with others, so that you maximize the moment. That you live close to Jesus through the ebb and flow of relationships, so when it challenges or when it rewards, you come through closer to Him.

Do you need forgive yourself or another? Do you need to stop making a point and begin making a difference? Do you need to let God heal you so that you are healed toward others?

Life is too short and our faith is impacted too greatly by this area of our lives. The time is now! Don’t wait and don’t quit. Take your next step and let Jesus grow in you.

His grace is amazing for Me, Myself and Friends.

Have a great week as the best is yet to come,


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