Mind Games

We all face mind games.

The internal voice we hear daily speaks a variety of things in our minds. We must learn to navigate it clearly. Too many of us are overtaken by this the inner dialogue, playing different pictures and speaking different ideas into our souls. It’s crazy how our minds can run wild in so many directions on a daily basis. Our perspectives and emotions can go from one extreme to another. This truth applies to all of us, educated or uneducated, wealthy or poor – no one is exempt from these Mind Games; therefore, we must learn how to overcome.

First, Mind Games feed on where we have been.

The Mind Games we face are strategic and thought out. They are specific to us and what we deal with. In fact, Mind Games use where we have been to build ideas, lies and fears that imprison us in our thoughts. This is why Mind Games are effective. They deal with past places, people, mistakes and more. They push the buttons that trigger insecurity and doubt. The result is living fearfully, distrusting others and believing the worst in situations. From this place, we shut down our hearts and live in hollow places, causing us to be shut down and walled off. This is the recipe for existing instead of living and who needs that?

The truth is, where we have been reflects His Story in our lives!

The enemy wants to use where we have been to imprison us, but God wants to use it to empower us. It’s what we have been through that builds our faith. It’s where we have been that reveals His goodness. It’s what we been that shows His power and love. This is why it’s so important to share our stories, declaring what Jesus has done in our lives, letting go of shame, guilt and fear. We are new people in Christ, with a new beginning. The old things are gone (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I encourage you to take where you have been and use it as weapon against your enemy. Let your light shine by telling your story. Shine your light by sharing where you have been and where you are going. Shine your light through humility, through connecting and giving to others. This is how we win against the Mind Games! We don’t them trap us but rather we trap them with our story and experience in Christ.

Second, Mind Games feed on what we have seen.

The Mind Games we face are great at using pictures and images. Every thought we have has a picture with it in our brains. We “see” thoughts every day, and this is where we can be paralyzed by the things we see internally. Too many people believe these Mind Games pictures and images, thinking it’s truth and reality. Really it’s simply using what we have seen to trigger our reactions. All of us have seen things through entertainment and real life that have left an imprint. We remember where we were we when saw this or that and it doesn’t leave us. In the midst of all the things we have seen, the trauma, hurtful and disappointing things scream the loudest. Have you noticed this? Mind Games use these things to fortify lies that seek to paralyze us with God and with others. But life is too short to be stuck, and we must press onward!

The truth is, what we have seen can be changed to what He sees in our lives!

You see, God saw us from the beginning. He knows what we have come through and what we have seen. Those things that are imprinted on our hearts are not new to Him, and His healing is available no matter what those things may be. Jesus wants to take these experiences and heal us, and then give us new things to see in His love. Our imaginations run wild with what we have seen through fear, lust, anger and more, yet God has new things for us to see. These things give love, faith, joy and peace. His purpose for our lives takes all the wrong and makes it right! He takes all the hurt, the filth, the pain and turns it all into a story of redemption and grace! We have hope today. In Christ, these Mind Games have no chance!!

I encourage you to embrace your story and His pictures for you! Let Him replace the old and give you the new. Let Him heal the pain and get glory through the scars. Let Him empower you to win the Mind Games, declaring freedom and power in your life.

“God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and of a Sound Mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

This is our word today! This is our promise today and no Mind Game can win against our God.

Be free today in your mind. Be loosed today from where you have been and from what you have seen. Receive this promise through His Love and arise with new vigor and determination. Our time is now. His purpose awaits you.

Mind Games crumble under the Power of His great love.

May you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers (3 John 2),


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