Happy Fasting

Did you know we can experience what I call Happy Fasting?

When we set something aside in prayer and fasting, God promises great benefits. While this challenges our desires and routines, it also empowers us in our walk with Him. It’s my belief that every Christian should fast at some point. Jesus said when we fast, indicating it’s when, and not if. (Matthew 6:16)

I know this is strong and may step on your toes, but it’s good to pray and fast! When you take this step, great things happen in our lives. In truth, certain breakthroughs won’t happen without it (Matthew 17:21).

Our church fast ends on January 29th, completing 21 days set aside for Him. I’m believing for God-stories to happen all over the place as He answers prayers, heals hearts, changes lives and does miracles with ordinary people like you and me.

The reason I’m confident in Happy Fasting is because in Isaiah 58, there are specific promises that come to us when we fast. Check them out and believe these are coming to you!

Isaiah 58:6 gives us these promises:

1. Wickedness is removed from us.
2. Heavy burdens are removed from us.
3. Oppression goes.
4. Every yoke/bondage is broken.

Could you benefit from one of these?

This is just one verse, and there is so much more. It’s Happy Fasting because God is working these things for us even now. Be confident that any wickedness goes from you. That any heavy burden is removed. Any oppression lifted and any yoke taken away.

This is our promise, and this is our inheritance in Christ. He fasted and had breakthrough; therefore, when we fast, we can, too. Be encouraged that God is moving! Be encouraged that God is healing! Be encouraged in Happy Fasting, because it’s real!

May the Lord give you strength and endurance to set these 21 days aside for His power to touch you like never before. Set your heart to believe that He will move in your life and answer your prayers.

Happy Fasting, and the best is yet to come,

Pastor David

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