Why Me and When Me?

Have you ever asked yourself, Why Me and When Me?

Life seems to give us plenty of opportunities to be in places where these questions are logical to ask. Life doesn’t ask permission or regard gender, ethnicity or financial status. So many of us know what it’s like to feel these emotions. It’s easy to wonder if things will ever work out and if God will answer your prayer. Have you been here before? I bet you have, and maybe the New Year brings this out more.

The holidays are now over, and we begin 2017 with new beginnings and new hopes. This is a time to set resolutions as we strive to achieve more and to hit the mark with our goals and desires. Yet these two questions are piercing and prevalent no matter who we are as they echo the disappointment and discouragement of life. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others through a variety of genres, seeing their perfect pictures, all their blessings and more. It’s easy to shut down internally and think Why Me and When Me? With today’s technology, we can edit photos, stay detached and post when we feel like it, presenting an illusion to the world. Thus we look at others and feel deflated, when in reality, no one is living like we make it up in our minds.

This is dangerous because our standards become a fabrication of fantasy which cannot be attained. This produces values that are fickle and fleeting. But there is a better way for us!

God understands when we ask Why Me or When Me, and He doesn’t get offended. I believe He’s trying to take these questions and lead us into a deeper understanding of the purpose and plan He has for us. So many times we think in terms of right now and immediately, but He’s thinking long term, with the big picture in mind. Our potential disconnect is when we see others getting what we want and comparing ourselves, which can leave us overwhelmed. This is a common trick used against us that in truth, works too often.

Jesus has something great for our lives and He’s willingly leading us through every season of an answer, delay, denial and more because He is enough!

“Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand. You will guide me with Your counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.”

Psalms 73:23-24

These verses were written as the writer battled wondering why others are blessed and he’s not. He was listing his frustrations before God and then coming to his senses. Through this struggle, He saw God blessing Him and that God has everything he needs. Notice he emphasizes how God is with him, holding him and giving him counsel in life and then receiving Him in eternity. This is the same for us. In essence, the writer is asking, “Why Me and When Me,” but then he shifts into proclaiming the greatness of God and what He gives him.

When we shift our focus to proclaiming His greatness and realizing all He does, our perspective changes from comparing ourselves with others to seeing Jesus in us our lives. So much of this is not about the destination but the journey, because it’s the journey that glues us to God and changes us in the process. From this truth, we are able to handle our destination and grow in His blessings.

I believe God says that this year He is with us. He is holding our hands and giving us the counsel we need. What are you facing today? Could His counsel help? This is our moment to be touched by heaven so that the things around us reflect the touch of God.

I don’t know your Why Me, but I do know that He has great things for you. I don’t know your When Me, but I know He has the timing to make all things beautiful!

The time is now, and His heart to beating for you; therefore, we have hope that all things work for our good.

I encourage you right now to begin to proclaim His greatness and His ability over your life. Stir your memory to think on His goodness and ask for His counsel to lead and help you this year. No matter what comes at you, God is greater! No matter what threatens you, God is stronger and nothing can happen to you that God can’t do something about.

We serve an awesome God and I believe this year your Why Me and When Me will be answered!!

Have a great year and a great week,
Pastor David

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