New Year’s, the Balldrop and Purpose

Happy New Year!

As 2017 approaches, we have another year to set out the changes we want to make as we think about our lives. This time of year, one day makes the difference between something old and something new. We are inspired to join the gym, eat better, plan a vacation, go to church, read the Bible and more, which shows the power of starting over and what it does for us. Hope comes alive, or is lit again, as we set out to accomplish our goals. Three things are certain for everyone: It’s New Year’s, The Balldrop will happen and Purpose is awaiting us.

I believe no one is an accident! That means we are here for a distinct reason, and it’s greater than we know or imagine. Now, our struggle is that when I say these things, our imaginations gravitate to money, fame, an easy life and having everything we want – but that is not true. Those are American definitions of what we think this is best, but in truth, that is a low view of what Jesus has for us. He has a Purpose that touches the totality of our soul, reaching for every area within us. This includes peace, joy, fulfillment, healthy thoughts and relationships and making a difference that lives beyond your life! All of this is possible and it’s found in the Purpose of God!

So how does this apply to me?

First, it’s New Year’s! This is a time to reflect, set goals and chart out a fresh start to what we are doing in life. The opportunity we have in front of us is not one of partying so we forget what we did but rather celebrating what has happened and looking ahead to what will happen. We thank Him for His faithfulness and praise Him for His promise. His Word endures forever, and His purpose is supposed to happen.

Second, The Balldrop will happen! Every year millions watch the Balldrop take place in New York City, setting off celebrations and kisses everywhere. While this is symbolic for America, it’s also an insight into our lives. Our lives are but a moment in eternity, so it’s incumbent on us to maximize our moment daily! I challenge you to love freely, forgive freely and give freely. Life is too short is be shut down and full of hardness. So many live this way, leaving waves of unrest with their families and friends when they pass on. This should not be. I challenge you to live fear-free and go after your purpose in God. This requires faith. It’s always beyond our ability and knowledge, so we must embrace the adventure of not knowing and of trusting Him! Go for it in 2017!

Third, we have Purpose! This is greater than we know and reaches past our ability and pedigree. This goes beyond money, education or looks, as it connects to the grace of God and His infinite love. This truth can be overwhelming, though, as we look in the mirror every day and battle self-doubt, shame, guilt and more, let alone seeing the drama surrounding us. However, none of this matters regarding the Purpose of God. He is reaching for you, and He has everything you need! Believe you are on purpose and with purpose. Believe your life has influence and impact beyond your sight or what you feel. He’s greater than all of it and I believe 2017 is the Year of Purpose for you, giving clarity and understanding to what He has.

I believe the key is found in a simple verse.

“Whom have I heaven but you? And there is none upon Earth that I desire besides you.”

Psalms 73:25

This passion is for all Christians and it’s vital to have. New Year’s, The Balldrop and Purpose will be received as we are filled with Fire for Him. There is something about zeal, passion and excitement that propels us into His presence. It leads us beyond ourselves and empowers us to say no to temptation and counterfeits.

He is the treasure of heaven and the treasure of earth. When we seek Him first, everything falls into order.

Determine to give Him your heart and all that’s within you! Live a purposed life, because there is nothing greater or grander than that.

Have a great holiday, and may the Lord do great things in you.

The best is yet to come,
Pastor David

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