Christmas Family

Family can be a dichotomy between blessing and struggle. All of us have experienced this at some level, and the holidays can bring out the best and worst of those relationships. Do you have a great memory with your family during Christmas? Do you have a bad memory with your family during Christmas? We probably have both, and it can leave us with feelings and emotions that last a lifetime; for better or for worse. However, no matter if you identify with the blessing of your family or the struggle with your family, the Christmas Presence has your family in mind.

This is so cool because not only does Jesus think about family, He had one too, and knows completely what we are going through. He had siblings that didn’t believe in Him. He had a cousin who was murdered. In His life He faced loss, strained relationships, and people not believing in Him. From these experiences, He has grace and mercy to provide us with patience and the answer to succeed and give us a Christmas Family.

It’s a Christmas Family because when Jesus was born, everything changed. God came to man so that man could receive God. The reality of the Son of God walking and talking with us gave hope that we could walk and talk with Him. Because of this relationship, anyone can be changed and any family can be healed and restored.

“The Lord curses the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the upright.”

Proverbs 3:33

This great promise touches your family and mine. When we choose to walk with God, live for Him and follow His ways, there is a blessing that comes on our homes. This symbolizes our families being under the blessing of the Lord. We can be a Christmas Family because of Jesus and all His promises are Yes and Amen!

Here is what we can have as a Christmas Family:

First, we can enjoy our career and find fulfillment. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s His promise. Psalms 128:1-2 says that when we fear the Lord, our work life will be blessed and enjoyable. This touches so many areas of our lives as He gives energy, fulfillment, joy, peace and a sense of purpose. Think how important this is since so many hate what they do and it shows in how they treat their family.

This is for you and your family. Believe it, do your best where you are and let Him open doors you can’t open.

Second, we can enjoy our marriage and kids. Psalms 128:3 slaps everything we see on TV in the face as divorce, adultery, and kids causing drama is almost expected. How sad! Jesus has plans for great marriages spiritually, physically and more. He has thoughts to bless our kids, giving us insight to who they are and where they will thrive. We are a Christmas Family and we don’t have to repeat what others say will happen. God is greater than that.

Believe this is for yourself, no matter where you are or your whatever your status is in marriage or parenting. God is bigger and stronger than any attack against these things. He knows what is best and has that in store for each of us.

Third, we can have longevity. Psalms 128:6 speaks of enjoying grandkids and the legacy it reveals. We can live long lives united with family in a bond that grows over time. This is living the dream as we enjoy the effort and time we invest into our families.

Believe this is for you, no matter if this is your reality or not. He is able to change anything. However, it’s important we take active steps in being a Christmas Family and that we choose to believe His plan for us.

It’s not too late for this to be true in your house. It’s not over for you! Wherever you are with your family, take steps toward God. Choose to believe that His love and power is greater than any hurt, division, or pattern. He can heal and restore!

Therefore, I declare you will have a Christmas Family touched by the Hand of God.

Have a great week and may you be filled with hope,

Pastor David

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