Christmas Presence

Everyone carries a presence, and it impacts them wherever they go. No matter if it’s positive, negative, sad, happy, angry or peaceful, what is on us and in us is the presence we carry. It’s the same with businesses, too. They have a presence or atmosphere that we pick up on by instinct, and it impacts.

For example, Starbucks knows what it’s doing when they paint, design and set up their stores with strategically. They design their stores so that we feel comfortable and want to come back. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Everyone and everywhere we go has a presence, and this dictates more than we know.

Churches are no different, in fact it seems like this issue is magnified for churches, for better or for worse. For example, have you been in a cold, non-friendly church? I have. No one speaks to you, so you feel you are on the outside looking in, and no one cares that you are there. It sucks, but it happens way too often. However, have you been to church where there is energy, life, love and people are excited you are there? I have, and it’s awesome. The presence of the place touches my heart to be touched by God! This needs to happen more. God moves through our love, energy and life. Our presence is reaching someone wherever we go.

Have you ever felt the Christmas Presence?

There are a variety of opinions when it comes to this topic. The Christmas Presence is tied to a specific person, and He changes our lives from the inside out. He’s the light that shines brighter than Christmas lights. His tree was the greatest of all trees and His water is better than any eggnog you’ll have. Yes, this is Jesus, the Hope of the World.

This is why Christmas has a special feeling, and it’s why we are drawn to something more during these moments. The Christmas Presence changes everything, as Jesus bridges racial gaps, gender gaps, age gaps, and money gaps. When He walked on earth, He declared that everyone is equal, and that we ought to Love God and Love People with veracity. This Jesus valued the poor and prayed over children. He reached out to the lost and challenged the found. He didn’t preach politics, but rather preached to the heart. He didn’t judge by money or position, but rather looked at the heart. He wasn’t embarrassed of people’s issues, and didn’t care what they thought. He was an enigma. They couldn’t figure Him out because He wasn’t like them. This Jesus is the Hope of the World, and during this time of year we must reach to feel the Christmas Presence!

“For unto a child is born and unto us a Son is given and the government will be upon His shoulders. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

Notice the five aspects of the Christmas Presence.

First, He’s Wonderful. This means a miracle. Many of us need a miracle of some kind, and we need His touch to see it. Do you need a miracle? Jesus is able to do it. He is the answer to any circumstance or crisis. The Christmas Presence carries miracles in it, and I believe He can touch you mightily. Nothing is too hard for God. He’s the greatest person we will ever know. If you are in need of miracle, ask Him for it, and let others know, too, so they can pray with you. There is strength in community.

Second, He’s Counselor. This means advice and knowledge. We all need advice and knowledge everyday as we navigate ourselves and others. What’s awesome is that we have access to Jesus, who will lead us through problems, solve issues and heal our hearts. The Christmas Presence carries advice and knowledge that will help us today and set us up for tomorrow. I encourage you to ask for this, and believe He will help you daily.

Third, He’s Mighty God. This means champion. We all need a champion, and He’s it! He has conquered all our foes, and He rules everywhere. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, with complete authority in His hands. How awesome that our God can be the champion of our heart. No enemy can win against us! How big is that!? We all face enemies of various kinds, and yet our champion is bigger, better and greater than anyone or anything that comes against us. The Christmas Presence carries a champion in it. I encourage you to let Him be great in you by possessing your heart!

Fourth, He’s the Everlasting Father. This means it never ends. No matter the relationship with our natural father, He’s our good Father and it never stops! He never stops loving, caring, reaching, speaking, helping and healing our lives. That is boss right there! The Christmas Presence carries an Eternal Father in it that has unconditional love toward everyone. Receive it today, and let Him move in you with acceptance and purpose.

Fifth, He’s the Prince of Peace. This means He’s the captain and the governor of peace. Everyone needs peace. In fact, this is becoming the most precious commodity in our world, and Jesus is the ruler of it. Do you need peace today? The Christmas Presence carries the peace you need! It surpasses our knowledge and it protects our hearts and minds from torment and anxiety. Receive His peace and let His ability and power touch any need you may have.

I pray you have you a great Christmas, and that He blesses you beyond measure. I pray that the Christmas Presence completely fills you and lifts to new places. Jesus is here and you are on His mind.

Have a good week and the best is yet to come,

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