Stretch Out

Every day we have the need to Stretch Out! In the morning is the most popular, as we lean back in our chairs, lifting our arms in the air and maybe even letting out a grunt or noise that sounds weird. Has this happened to you at a restaurant? Yeah, it can get awkward!

If you work out or play sports you know the need to Stretch Out. Taking time to do this can help us avoid injury and keep us from looking old and sad. Has this happened to you? It can be disheartening!

Our greatest growth in life comes when we Stretch Out.? It can take us into new growth in our passion, our business, a mended relationship and our next steps. So much in life is waiting for us to Stretch Out, to discover what is on the other side of a hard decision, to test the limits. These stretching seasons are when life is the most fun, yet so many are left thinking what could have been instead of telling us how great it was!

Too often, fear kills people before death does. Think about the emotion and impact fear brings to our lives, leaving us paralyzed and unwilling to Stretch Out. This is why we can be stubborn and defiant. It comes from a fear of the unknown. Because of various phobias, many of us would rather be stuck than move forward – but this is a trap! In fact, it’s the way the enemy shuts us down and breeds anger that decays the heart.

The Bible says in Isaiah 41:10

“Fear not for I am with you.”

Isaiah 41:10

I know this is easier said than done, but it must be done! Our lives depend on our decision to Stretch Out. This may sound over dramatic; however, too many are caged in the prison of their fear. Over time, this makes us unable to stand straight, stand tall and stand firm because we are bent over and bowed down.

Yet God is greater!!

Our greatest opportunity is now. When we Stretch Out, we seize the moment. Come on now: your marriage can make it, your kid can behave, your career can turn around, your body can be healed, your pain can be redeemed and your can be future bright. This is not fantasy. It’s the power of God revealed, and it comes when we Stretch Out!

How can you Stretch Out today?

Is it forgiving someone, saying sorry, humbling yourself to others, letting go of the past, taking a chance at your business, serving at your Church? No matter what it is, the love of God is in your next step. Do it, and watch God reveal His plan for you.

Live life as an adventure. Love others with a reckless love and take a chance. We only live once!

When we Stretch Out we find what the unknown is, and we find a greater piece of who God is! The moment is now, go for it!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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