The Elephant, the Donkey and the Lamb

Each of these animals speak to our values, beliefs and convictions. For America, the political battle is getting ready to crest in intensity as we vote for our next President in November. It seems the two candidates bring out the ventral of the opposite side and fuel the battle ground of media outlets as they encourage us to choose one side and badger the other.

There is no doubt that America is at a high tension point with politics, race, war, education, freedoms and more. Each incident that occurs causes the wedge to grow, leading to more arguments where people make points but miss hearts. As this goes on around us, it’s clear to me that the political arena has turned into a selfish contest of posturing oneself for what one wants instead of to get what is best for everyone.

Therefore, we are left to choose the Elephant or the Donkey.

Today’s blog is not to promote a party or to educate on policy, but rather to present another option. I believe it’s a mistake for churches, Christ followers and beyond to think that one political party will solve the issues around us or lead us either closer to or further from God. Jesus asked us to be the light and salt of the earth – to be Him and share Him while we live, resulting in a generational legacy that impacts eternity. While it’s amazing to vote for our government officials, and I encourage everyone to do so, it’s even greater to “vote for the Lamb” every day and then show who He is to others.

Our purpose is to Love God and Love People, period!

This means connecting to others based on Jesus principles instead of political ones. This means we don’t splinter away from each other based on how we vote. Instead we are connected through the grace, blood and mercy of Christ. This means to seek to understand the reality of others with different ethnicities, economic statuses and more because Jesus asked us to show compassion to one another. This means we seek to make a difference and not to make a point because just making a point breeds debate and division. This means showing the goodness of God to ALL people, letting His Church shine brighter and brighter for His glory to cover the earth. Our greatest honor to be His representative! Being a republican or democrat pales in comparison to the opportunity He gives each of us. So what will we do?

Are you sold out to the Elephant, the Donkey or to the Lamb?

There are two major political parties, but there is a third choice – and it’s the Lamb of God! He is the solution to all problems and all the crises we are facing. His Love has the power to melt the highest mountain of pain and to crush the highest wall of division. He is gentle and humble, reaching for all of humanity equally, no matter the case against us. He is the Prince of Peace, the Counselor, the Mighty God, the Savior of the World, the Lover of our Souls, the Light of the World, the Bread of Life, the Son of God and the Son of Man. He is the Humble Servant, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is the Water of Life, the Healer, the Deliverer, the Redeemer and the Champion of Heaven!

John the Baptist said this in John 1:29

“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward Him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World!”

Luke 4:21-23

Isn’t this what we need? Isn’t this the longing of the human heart and the answer for all the things we see around us and within us?

I encourage you to exercise your freedom to vote in November, but more importantly to vote for the Lamb daily! Choose His path and His agenda above all else. Put your faith and hope in Him above all, holding the Kingdom of God above political parties. By doing this we won’t miss our opportunity to be His living stone!

This is our moment to live out our beliefs and shine brighter than ever before. It’s our moment to show His radical love to our neighbors, displaying His power and grace wherever we are.

Who do you choose, the Elephant, Donkey or the Lamb?

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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