Big and Small

There seems to be a dichotomy regarding the idea of “Big and Small”as it connect to many aspects of our lives. It can cause a divide on many levels, often separating what should be together.

On one side there is the proponent for big, which argues that “things are better big.” This includes our faith, living, dreams, family, career and more. It focuses on growth with ambition, seeking to achieve all that is possible. This carries over into church ideology, which emphasizes the need to grow, reaching more people for Christ. It sees the heart of God as the pulse of what is done and why it’s done; therefore, the highlight is reaching far and wide.

I personally believe this is great because it stretches us and causes us to reach beyond our comfort levels. Big is not bad. Jesus preached to big crowds, has a big heart and touched a big world with His love. Of course, some can become greedy with this idea, seeking only to serve themselves, feeling like they never have enough, which is wrong and leads to discontent. However, this doesn’t have to happen when we see the big picture accurately. Jesus wants to bless our lives and His church. His heart is personal toward us and toward the World; therefore, He sees everyone and wants us to reach them. Our mandate is to Love God and Love People!

On the other side is the proponent for small, which highlights that “things are better small.” This emphasizes that less is more regarding our faith, living, family, career and more. It highlights that when we have less we can give more and do more for Christ because we don’t have a lot of things competing for our attention. This view also prefers a smaller church, where all the members know each other by name, which can give a sense of a tighter bond. Some see small as the only way for authentic relationships.

This focus is also great because it forces us to see what we have and thankful and creative with where we are. There is comfort in knowing those around you and bonding together in faith for support, accountability and friendship. This is something we all want, and thinking small can help facilitate it. This also can relieve us from the burden of having a heavy load that can put pressure on us financially and beyond. Less is more, so being free of extra burdens liberates us to do what we feel and to give what we want. Small is not bad, nor is it a sign of little faith. Its focus is simplistic and direct.

However, what if we need both Big and Small?

You see, it shouldn’t be either/or, but rather both together. In fact, Jesus set His church up this way in the book of Acts.

“They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity.”

Acts 2:46

Notice the early Church met in both big and small gatherings. Both settings helped the Church flourish, grow, make disciples and reach new people. With this model, our heart should be both big and small for God. We should see both as the heart and plan of Jesus for us personally and for others. It’s my conviction that every church be”Big and Small”with their function and goals!

The “big” gives us energy, empowerment and strength to walk out our faith. There is great power in this environment especially when we worship and hear God’s word. Many times we are getting more than we can know as He works in us in great ways. Don’t reject the big of God’s idea for you! Embrace it and run with it!

When we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, our capacity gets bigger within ourselves.

The “small” gives us relationships, accountability and the challenge we need in our character. This is where we can walk out life change and get the courage to do more for God. This is where the practical application of the Holy Spirit is implanted in our lives and faith. Don’t reject the “small” of God’s idea for you – embrace it and run with it! We are healed through community as we share and trust others.

Embrace both”Big and Small”in your life. Don’t be one or the other – this is a common mistake that hurts the church and it’s potential. Big and Small are supposed to run alongside one another, making a complete picture in the church. Growth is a great thing both personally and collectively that produces impact and influence for Jesus!

This is our moment, and this is our chance to impact history, so let’s do it with all we have right now! We don’t have time to debate or quibble over Big or Small and which is better. People are in the balance, and our lives need His touch.

May you grow and flourish in the”Big and Small”of God’s plan for you!

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