Glass Half Full

There seems to be a nagging attempt to get our focus on what we don’t have and what is not working out producing a discontent in life. This leads us to forgetting what we do have and what is happening in the moment; therefore, we glory in the past or wishfully think the future will be better. The problem with this is that we don’t live in the present making the most of our time and life. From this place, we see the glass half-empty leaving us frustrated and irritated, but this is a common trick used by the enemy. However, God wants us to see the glass half-full!

There seems to be a gentle nudge for us to focus on what is happening and to see what God has done producing a contentment that is powerful. This leads to our hope soaring to new heights as we remember all He is and all He has done. From this place, we grow in confidence and crush the cultural push to never have enough and to compare ourselves to others. This trick will fade away as we enter everyday with thanksgiving praising His name. While this may seem trivial, in truth, it’s a struggle we all face and all too often fall for.

The direction of our destiny can be determined by what we choose to see. What do you see today? Are you filled with frustration? For clarity, there is nothing wrong with wanting more and having goals to achieve, but I’m speaking to a chronic posture that either sees what is or what isn’t. It’s this posture that dictates so much in our lives. It touches our joy, laughter, peace, friends, faith and hope. Too many Christians are defeated and belittled by seeing the glass half-empty so that discouragement and anger set in. But there is a better way.

“The Lord’s promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over.”

Psalms 12:6

Notice His promises are settled and sure, purified in the fire of Heaven. This speaks to them being reliable and steadfast, faithful to come true in our lives. Yet the enemy plays with our sense of time and distorts this truth so that we shut down with disappointment seeing the glass half-empty. But look at what God said, “His promises are pure,” revealing there is no malice or trick within them because His full intent is to complete them in our lives. We struggle with seeing time pass and thinking it’s too late or He won’t come through. However, He sees the passing of time as an opportunity to perfectly give His promises to us. This is because He sees the BIG picture of our lives and how one promise connects to all others, giving a domino effect of His goodness and blessings.

He has allowed His promises to be refined and purified so that we are fulfilled, seeing the glass half-full! I encourage you today to choose your perspective and determine that praise and thanksgiving will be on your lips daily. This is how we win. This is how we overcome. This is how we crush the hard times and the delays in life. This is how we beat our foes with the power of His Word, declaring who He is and what He has done.

Your moment is now to look up and see your hope and answer through Jesus! He is your promise that will fulfill all you seek and all you need! He is your healer, protector, defender, friend, Messiah, deliverer, shield, strength and more. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Go ahead and thank Him because your glass is half-full!

We love you and the best is yet to come!


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