Art has massive influence in our society and world. It’s a genre that encompasses music, paintings, drawings, poems, dancing, spoken word and more. It has no prejudice or malice. It reaches to the nations and impacts all people groups with expressions that bring us to tears and bring us to shouts of joy. These moments can define a life, a family, a city and a nation as something is touched deep within us that leaves a mark for a lifetime. For example, many of us remember Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991, Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic flame in 1996 or even Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, “I Have A Dream,” in 1963. These moments and many more have left an imprint on our hearts and in our country’s conscience that will not go away because they reveal the power of art.

We respect art because it has the ability to come deep within a person, to open our hearts to laugh, cry, shout, think and more. It breeds expressions from our heart that free us to let out what is building inside, giving a place to be safe and comfortable being ourselves. Yes, we are impacted daily by the genius of God giving man an ability and skill set to release art that touches us all. I believe God is at the center of art because it comes from Him, and it’s expressions reveal the existence of our Creator. After all, it was God who made the mountains, the constellations, the oceans, the rolling hills and the very essence of who we are. It is all his handiwork.

We are His work of art (Ephesians 2:10). This means we are God’s artwork, and He wonderfully made us to live for Him. Our lives are on purpose, and the potential that He gave us can impact generations one person at a time. While this is awesome to hear, we struggle to believe it’s true because we think art is only for the talented or gifted people, but that is not true in Christ! Each of us has something to give that displays His power and greatness. He has put His glory on the inside of us to reflect who He is and what He can do through us. Therefore, whether big or small, to the masses or to one, He is working His wonder through us!

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”

2 Corinthians 4:7

Notice He has put His treasure on the inside of us to come through us in our lifetime! It’s our opportunity to give what He has given. This is important because we are to reflect who He is and the power He has for all people. While art is displayed in a variety of ways, in Jesus, we are the art! It’s our voice, our heart, our life, our touch and our place that gives Him glory and touches others. It’s our brokenness that attracts Him to us because He is glorified through our weakness.

His artwork shines most with cracks and flaws. While we look for perfection, He looks for humility. While we look for the talented, He looks for the available. While we look for the beautiful, He looks for the ashes to beautify. This is the dichotomy we navigate, but Jesus thinks nothing like us. It’s our choice to believe we are His artwork!

I encourage you to embrace this truth and begin to give what you have. Look for the chances to display His artwork through you by giving a smile, a handshake, praying for someone, serving in the kid’s wing at your church, singing off tune with your whole heart, and more because when you open up and give, His artwork is revealed.

Don’t accept the lies that say you are nothing or that you are not special and have nothing to give. Don’t believe that you are ugly, messed up, jaded or a lost cause. These are lies that are afraid of what is inside of you. I say step out, give out and reach out with the love that God has put in you. Begin to live on purpose knowing you are His artwork and destined for this time in history to make history. Your story or your past is a part of the beauty in you so embrace it and arise out of the shadows showcasing the artwork of God in your world!

I believe in you, and the best is yet to come!


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