Coloring inside the lines

It seems every kids loves to color. It’s a part of our learning process and something fun to do. My boys get hype when they get a coloring book of their favorite avenger and spend hours carefully coloring each page with the right choice of crayons. Then, after they finish each page, they can’t wait to show me with pride what they have created, and they seek my attention and approval. As they are getting older, they also take joy in how they stay in the lines displaying their growth in coloring. What amazes me is how my boys are thrilled to stay in the lines and to work with the drawing to complete it through their creativity. It speaks to a willingness of following the lead of the artist to fulfill the work of art.

However, as we get older it seems we look to go outside the lines that are set for us testing the limits and seeing where it takes us. This is our rebellious nature that battles staying within the lines God has set. Yet the greatest works of art happen in our lives when we let the Artist take the lead! It’s when we let Him have control to set the lines of our lives in safety, protection, and longevity. This is humility by giving our control to God and letting His genius take root in us.

What would happen if we let God be the lead Artist?

I believe miracles would take place and the picture He has for us would be completed. It would yield fulfillment and peace because He would set the lines and our job would be to stay in them. Think about how easy our part is! He draws the lines in our lives, and we stay in them for the best outcome. Therefore, in this place, we must remember that His lines do not confine us but rather expand us. His lines do not hinder us but rather provide healing in us. It’s His desire to do the impossible within us, and His lines define the area of His touch and grace.

When we understand what coloring inside the lines means we’ll receive God as a loving Father who wants relationship and connection with us. This is beyond status and performance because He goes to the heart and walks out a relationship with us day by day. From here we will see the Bible as a book of opportunity and life giving guidelines instead of seeing it as rules that we don’t want to obey. The Bible is living and powerful giving us living promises that are real for any moment we face; therefore, it’s coloring inside the lines that gives balance and blessing.

“The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all His creation. All of your works will thank you, Lord, and your faithful followers will praise you.”

Psalms 145:9-10

Notice our Lord is good to everyone, and He has compassion for us and our struggles. It’s His character that melts our heart because He is love and everything exudes from love. There is nothing that God does that is void of love which means His intent is gracious and merciful toward us. So when we start coloring inside the lines, we begin to feel His love, and we begin to grow in our creativity as we stay in the place He has for us.

We don’t have to be frustrated or confused at our circumstances or with what we are gifted to do when we stay in the lines He has set for us. This is the greatest way we are expanded because His lines give room to grow and flourish in our strengths verses doing things outside of our ability or forcing on living outside His will. It’s our choice to live for Him and more so to allow Him to be the lead Artist of our lives. This is where we are blessed, and this is where His Word comes to pass.

Will you begin coloring inside the lines today? I encourage you to take your next steps by doing two things:

First, acknowledge you are not the best artist for your life. This means giving Jesus control of your life knowing that He can do more and that He can complete more in you than anyone else. When we are at this place, we are humble which gives Him the chance to promote us in our lives.

Second, receive His Word completely. This is giving His Word complete authority in your life meaning you live by it and you use it as the road map of your days. It’s from this place that our trust grows so that the whispers of lies can be cast down and pushed out.

This is your moment to be healed as the greatest Artist brings beauty out of ashes making all things new! Take this opportunity and give Him the room to do His work in you. Start today by coloring inside the lines and watch what happens in you!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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