Kindergarten Kingdom

Some say that we learn all we need in kindergarten. Regardless if this is true, it does reflect on the simplicity of life and what really matters at this early stage in life. In fact, it’s the basics that set the stage for greatness in our lives and in our faith. However, we also like complexity and deeper things. We like our intellect to be stimulated in varying ways, and while this isn’t wrong or bad, it can take us away from simply doing the basics we’ve been asked to do. For example, what if we all would practice the kindergarten theme that sharing is caring? Wouldn’t this be treating others as we want to be treated? How about not interrupting others and saying please and thank you? Wouldn’t this look like being quick to hear and slow to speak?

It’s funny that we come to a conclusion as adults that we are good and don’t need reminded let alone convicted of these principles and more; but in truth, everyone will know we are Christ’s by our love. Love is the greatest force in the Kingdom of God, and it trumps the enemy every time! Nothing can stop the love of God mentioned in Romans 8. When we practice His love, we are protected, we shine, and we become more like Him. It’s this principle that changes our lives and changes those around us.

Notice how simple this message is – Love God. Love people. Our impact comes through who we love, what we love and how we show it. Unfortunately, so many in our culture are self-absorbed and don’t see past themselves resulting in a lonely life that lacks purpose and fulfillment. However, when we lead a life that loves, gives and shares beyond ourselves, we find purpose and fulfillment that augments all the blessings in our lives. This is where contentment and peace come from. Will you take this step? Will you join the eternal movement of Jesus and live in a way that makes your days count for a bigger cause?

The elephant in the room is how this becomes a reality. It challenges us, humbles us and forces us to live in the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus. This means we become like a child in our faith.

“Assuredly I say to you unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven”

Matthew 18:3-4

This is why I call it the Kindergarten Kingdom. To be great, we must be humble and become like a child. This speaks to the thought that everything we need to learn is covered in kindergarten. It’s the basics that move mountains. It’s the basics that change us. It’s the basics being practiced that give promotions in our lives. What if all of us would do this? There would be forgiveness, love, acceptance, serving, receiving and caring for others that are difficult and different from us. There would be faith in action practiced at home, on the street and on the job because Christ’s love would multiply wherever we go. This is the definition of a move of God! It’s you and I doing what we know to do and being what we are called to be – a person of childlike faith!

What does this look like though? Becoming like a child speaks to our posture and actions more than our intellect and maturity. Obviously we grow physically, mentally and emotionally which is vital to our daily functions in our adult responsibilities; however, becoming like a child speaks to something different. It’s us acting like Jesus toward others using our adult knowledge with childlike faith to confound the enemy and expand the Kingdom of Light! Miracles, life change, signs and wonders happen when we act on what we know with childlike faith. It’s going into our world with the confidence that God is with us and that we believe exactly what He said thus acting accordingly.

Yet, if we are honest, we struggle to believe what God says. We struggle to believe that if we step out, something will happen. This is all too common as we approach God with an adult lens of heartache and disappointment dictating what we expect and believe to be possible and limiting the power of Jesus.

But there is a better way! It’s approaching God with childlike giddiness and expectation that He is truth and will fulfill all He has said. We have to read, hear and believe like a child and then act on it. Then, this posture and these actions produce a resurrection of our innocence that washes us clean and gives us new beginnings. It’s this deep work that gives us a new mindset and outlook on life and what we can be. This is the Kindergarten Kingdom!

Will you join? Will you humble yourself and go back to the basics on a daily basis, one step at a time, doing the best you can?

Our greatest posture is when we are like a child vertically and horizontally in our faith so that we are promoted and purposed. Begin this journey today by first facing areas of doubt, unbelief and disappointment, then confessing and praying that God forgives and heals you. Second, ask for the process of renewed innocence to begin again within yourself and towards others so that you see God in new ways and receive Him in greater capacity! This is your moment to move forward and be a part of the Kindergarten Kingdom!

I believe in you and the best is yet to come!


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