Beautiful Bruises

Bruises are a part of life, and they seem to evolve as we age. Growing up, we got them playing with friends and trying to test the limits of a fun activity. Being an adult, it seems the bruises become more emotional than physical. Relationships, work, family, pain and joy lend to the bruises of our lives. These bruises can have profound impact on our lives as we act and react from areas of our past and present, therefore, potentially hurting our future.

Have you noticed that bruises don’t ask permission? They break down the door and come into our heart and life like an uninvited guest leaving lingering effects that last days, months, or even years. This is dangerous because it can leave us paralyzed at times treating everyone in our present and future as if they have done something wrong. More times than not we respond with quick, triggered responses based on where we have been, and thus can’t move forward with ourselves or with others. Yes, bruises can be harmful, but there is good news!

Jesus can flip this script giving us beautiful bruises!

“He was wounded for our sins, He was bruised for our inclinations: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.”

Isaiah 53:5

This verse describes what Jesus did for us and how He made a way for us to have beautiful bruises!?Notice that He was wounded so we could be healed! This word “healed” means by stitching us back together and mending the broken places. He was literally whipped on His back so that any bruise, sickness and disease could be touched with His hand. From this display of love, we have the chance of new beginnings.

Jesus didn’t cause your bruises, but He can turn them into something beautiful. His love and grace can take any grievance against us and bring healing through it. This is the story of the Gospel; that Christ took our place and paid the price we should have paid to give us a healed and eternal life! Our stories are opportunities of grace revealed in us turning what was against us into the victory through us. It’s the very pain of our bruises that gives a testimony of what God did for us.

Think about how important our experiences are as they portray the acts of God’s love and power. This is why the things that were painful, evil and hurtful are the very things that will transform into beautiful bruises proclaiming who God is. In fact, these stories are the best messages because they are authentic and raw. It’s the testimony of where we have been that preaches and the bruises in our lives that reveal His healing.

I encourage you to embrace the bruises of your past so that His beauty can come through them. Be confident with your story because when you share it, you conquer the shame, regret, guilt and more. These are the things that draw us close to God. He wants our availability more than our ability.

What bruise can He make beautiful? Let Him have it by being honest and humble so that His healing becomes yours. This is your moment. We only have one life to live so make the most of it! Don’t let someone or something from the past or present control your life through the bruises afflicted on you. They aren’t that powerful! God is greater! May you have beautiful bruises that reflect the Glory of God!

Have a great week, and the best is yet to come!


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