The Good Life

Everyone wants the good life! It’s an inherent desire to want more, enjoy things and have peace; a life where goals are fulfilled and where we are content. This may seem like a fairy tale, but what if this could be true?

From our perspective, we think in terms of money, a house, cars, an awesome spouse and wonderful kids. We think of perks like vacations, concerts, ball games and nice country clubs. The good life lends itself to automatic pictures that form our expectations, and we either reach for this life in hope or give up and settle. The difference in these options is extreme but, nevertheless, realistic.

For some, the idea of the good life is within reach, and for others, it’s on a different planet. However, God looks at us the same, and He has the good life for us all. Our challenge is that our expectations aren’t always in line with what God is thinking. We are finite and limited at best; therefore, our view is blurred by culture and the idea of what it takes to succeed. While we see right in front of us, He sees every aspect of our lives. We think dollars; He thinks contentment. We want more; He thinks less is more. This friction is where it becomes easy to unplug from God’s idea of the good life and chase after our own because disappointment directs our decisions.

But there is a better way!

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

John 10:10

Notice Jesus? heart for everyone is to have a rich, satisfying life. It’s His purpose for every Christ-follower to experience this reality. He wants to touch everything in our lives. Please note that God wants us to have nice things, and He will give us different blessings that we can enjoy. However, the good life isn’t made up of just these things.

The good life is a rich, satisfying life with inward peace and contentment. It’s a life with inward joy no matter the circumstances. It’s a life where we love others and others love us. It’s a life where we have community and meaningful relationships that give support and accountability in our development. It’s a life that is rich in faith and built on a foundation that is eternal. This is the good life that leads to all the things we want but notice the inward focus of ourselves.

When we are healed on the inside, we can handle the blessings on the outside. When we are content and at peace, we will steward His blessings correctly. Our lives won’t get out of balance because we are balanced inwardly. What good is a lot of money and no peace and no friends? What good is a big house with no family? This doesn’t have to be the case, but unfortunately, so many times it is.

The good life of Jesus touches all points of our lives so that we are complete and fulfilled. His life wants to touch our marriage, our parenting and our career. His life will heal wounds, open doors and give us true friends. His life will expand our hearts to be more than we thought and to achieve more than we could on our own. This is what we want, and it’s found in Jesus!

Today you may be rich or you may be poor. You may be married, divorced, widowed, alone, happy or sad, but the good life is for you! Christ has you on His mind, and His purpose for your life is rich and satisfying. You will make it and you can have this so I challenge you with this thought – today, ask Jesus to heal you of all your disappointments.

This may take time, but I encourage you to pray about it because when our disappointments are healed, we can believe and receive the good life. Our expectations will change and align with His. Our hope will be restored and our heart will be healthy. In fact, we will be thankful for everything and entitled to nothing! When this happens, we can handle the promotions He has for our lives!

Shake off the doubt and despair. Jesus is coming into your heart to do miracles, and nothing is impossible for Him! Your moment to be healed of disappointments and to believe that the good life is for you is now!

Have a great week and expect that the best is yet to come!


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