212 F

Did you know that water boils at 212 F? Conversely, did you that water freezes at 32 F? The difference between 211 F and 212 F is huge because one degree makes all the difference. Think about how God created the precision of degrees, the difference between freezing and boiling water and how it won’t work unless it reaches this temperature. We don’t think about it as we make ice or boil noodles, but I believe the truth in this law of nature is profound.

Often times the success and failure of our lives can be separated by one degree.

“Who makes His angels spirits; His ministers a flaming fire.”

Psalms 104:4

Notice that God makes you and I a flaming fire. This speaks to passion, boldness and being consumed with who He is. In fact, the Bible says that God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29); therefore, He desires to make us a part of who He is.

Life is best when we are on fire for something. A passionate life is worth living and gives us the drive and focus for why we are here. A passionless life is boring, dead and stale. While no one wants this kind of life, it’s hard at times to shake off. Disappointment and regret seem to creep up and paralyze us to move forward in hope. This touches all areas of life including our faith. Our faith will be magnified as we seek to live for Him and give Him who we are. Our hope is in Christ, and from this hope, we have expectations; however, when they are not met, it’s easy to shut down.

Every Christ follower starts at 212 F. Our passion is there, our focus is there, our determination is there. We love our enemies, forgive everyone and give stuff away. Our heart beats with excitement for who He is and what He has done in us. But then life starts swinging in our direction, and before you know it, we are at 211 F and things have changed. Our focus is scattered, our determination has weakened and our love for others suffers. This sends many of us on a roller coaster of faith with ups and downs that tend to sway the passion we once had.

It’s difficult to stay at 212 F, but it is possible in Jesus. Fire can stay hot when it’s burning something. In fact, as long as there is something to burn, the fire will continue. It’s when the wood turns to ashes that the fire fades away. This speaks to being at 212 F in our walk with Christ. The flaming fire He makes in us can continue to burn when we allow ourselves to be consumed! Notice this requires that you and I give ourselves as the sacrifice. We lay our lives on the altar, and He ignites the fire within.

The challenge for us is to continually bring our lives as the sacrifice.This speaks to humility and letting God touch our pride, fear, anger, unforgiveness, insecurities, lust, habits, judgments and more. It’s letting Him move in the secret places of our heart so that we relate to Him in honesty and transparency. It’s resisting religion and embracing the ongoing process of being changed by Him. When we are the sacrifice, remaining at 212 F becomes sustainable! Even when life is unfair and our expectations seemly aren’t met, if we will give ourselves as the sacrifice, we will burn for Him.

Could it be that one degree changes everything? I believe it does! It’s our choice to determine what we do with our lives. If we choose to lay it down, we will boil at 212 F for Him because life is best when we are on fire for something. Don’t live a boring life that goes through the motions and never gives what you could, never does what you could and never achieves what you could. Burn for God! Resist being at 211 F.

I believe in you, and the best is yet to come!


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