From Redwoods in California to small plants in the front yard, roots have everything to do with the vitality and health that we see around us. When the roots are healthy, everything else functions and achieves its purpose from the bloom of a flower to the longevity of a tree. What we see in nature is the reality of an influential and unseen world. For example, trees make oxygen, and roots determine whether a tree is healthy to allow you and I to breathe.

While roots make nature healthy and strong, roots also make our spiritual life healthy and strong. This speaks to our community and where we plant ourselves being rooted in faith. God’s way is to be connected with each other which stirs us to love and to do good works (Hebrews 10:24-25). The primary way we do this is by being a part of a local church. However, some people struggle with this idea because it touches buttons of trust, forgiveness, relationships and more. When we are part of a church family, our trust, forgiveness, and relationships will be tested, and what we do in these moments determines everything. Because of these challenges, many choose isolation and resist God by resisting others in their lives. We have to remember that our purpose and potential is always linked to our local church and the people He brings into our lives. This also includes those we don’t like and those who annoy us, but a Christ-like character is formed through being uncomfortable.

We tend to resist the relational idea of God; therefore, many miss the moment of destiny while being alone. But Jesus wants our roots to be deeply planted in His potential for us to be discovered!

“Good people will prosper like palm trees, and they will grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. They will take root in your house, Lord God, and they will do well. They will be like trees that stay healthy and fruitful, even when they are old. And they will say about you, The Lord always does right! God is our mighty Rock.”

Psalms 92: 12-15

Notice what roots do regarding our faith:

First, they cause us to do well. Everyone wants to do well. God know every detail about us and longs to touch all areas of our lives. His touch influences our joy, attitude, money, health, relationships, hope and purpose. This doesn’t erase the tough days, but it gives us an anchor when we don’t understand life. When we are rooted in Him, we succeed! We do well by being rooted in His house (Church) which means we are connected to others.

Second, they cause longevity, heath and fruitfulness. Who doesn’t want to have long life, health and fruitfulness in what they do? The great news is that roots in Jesus allow us to have these things. Having a life that counts along with being effective in our efforts is powerful! The magnitude of this promise is beyond understanding as all people and all nations yearn for this, yet it is revealed by having roots in Jesus and His Church.

Will you take root in His house?

I encourage you to overcome offense. I encourage you to overcome the hurdles that play over and over in your heart and mind that sway you away from others and leadership. Resist these lies and be what God has called you to be by accepting where and who He wants you to be with. You may be isolated today, but I encourage you to reach out to others. You may be out of church, but I encourage you to go this weekend. Be a part of the greatest movement that will never end and that will always be triumphant. If you are in community, keep going and keep being a part. It’s worth it, and you will reap all that you give!

The best is yet to come! Plant roots and thrive in your faith!


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