Chalkboard Faith

Chalkboards can be great for expressing creativity in drawing and writing with chalk. They can also pose a challenge when, after getting into trouble, you are made to write the same sentence over and over again. I had this experience. But moving on, so I don’t relive it?

As we know, chalk leaves nothing permanent on a chalkboard. Everything comes off after being erased giving the teacher or student a clean board to start anew. I’m sure we all have been in a class where a teacher is writing different things throughout the day. They write, erase, write and erase again. The chalkboard was certainly a good invention that continues to empower educators to share information in a quick and cost-effective way.

Chalkboards have been around for years and used in all types of venues. However, times are changing. The introduction of technology into the classroom makes me wonder how long this creative tool will remain in use. Regardless of where chalkboards end up, they speak to an eternal truth concerning our faith in Christ.

“He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.”

Psalms 103:12

In Christ, our struggles and sins are like chalk on a chalkboard that can be erased when we come to Him. In fact, there is nothing too bad that can’t be erased. His love is greater than our situation, and, through His blood, He makes us new and clean as if nothing happened. This is not a fairy tale or a way to escape our guilt. This is the Gospel! It’s the love of God revealed in Jesus as He took our place and gave way to have a new beginning in all areas of our lives.

This is the beauty of Jesus! We don’t earn it, and we don’t deserve it; it’s a free gift that comes by grace and is received by faith.”Is your chalkboard dirty today” Are you racked with guilt and shame for decisions and actions you have made? While we all face these emotions, there is a greater truth! His eraser is greater than our chalk! He will erase whatever is on our boards when we ask Him to forgive us.

I encourage you today to seek Jesus for the freedom you desire. Let Him rinse you of guilt and shame. Let Him free you of the past stains giving you a new start in life. When you take this step, you are a new person with a chance to redo life; therefore, move forward with your chalkboard faith.

Here are a couple of practical steps you can take to implement this truth.

First, make things right with people. Whether you have hurt them or they have hurt you, seek to make it right. He has called us to be peacemakers, and this means that we must seek to be right with God and with others. Remember, it does not matter if the individual you need to approach is receptive to your extended hand of peace. The bigger issue is about you being free to walk in a new life with a clean slate. One of the main ways we get trapped in the past is having continual rifts or unresolved issues with others. Close this door. Walk in humility, and let the chalk be erased.

Second, seek to forgive yourself. This is huge. On some level, we struggle to forgive ourselves, but you should know that Jesus can help us. When we don’t forgive ourselves, we live under condemnation and are not free from this sting or stain in our lives. God has something better. It is possible to forgive ourselves. It is possible to have peace with God and peace within ourselves. He wants to give us this reality so that our lives are maximized.

Who can you forgive today? Can Jesus help you forgive yourself? This is your moment! Chalkboard faith is real and will free and heal your mind, heart, and soul. He is faithful to do this for you!

Have a great week and be encouraged. The best is yet to come!


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