Against All Odds

Phil Collins sang a famous song titled “Against All Odds.” This song invokes hope that love will prevail and that two lives can endure against all odds. We desire this in our heart wanting love, endurance and security. We want something that is rooted deeper than the temporal and full of the trust and connection that love brings. Some might think this is a fairy tale and others have given up on the idea, but I believe this desire beats within us as we yearn to love and to be loved. Do you believe this is for you?

This desire can give us depression or determination depending on where you are and what you have faced. In fact, many give their lives to chance and believe that whatever happens is what happens. They live their lives wishing for a big break but bracing themselves in case in doesn’t come. This breeds doubt that something good is coming to them; thus, they live thinking the odds are too heavy for them to overcome.

But what if there was a guarantee that, against all odds, we could have this?

I believe Jesus is this guarantee for anyone who receives Him. His herculean effort made a way for all to enter into His love against all odds. This man was beaten and died. Many people thought that He lost, but something else happened! Against all odds He was raised from the dead and breathed new life into the world. He changed everything which means fairy tales aren’t exclusively for Disney movies but are a reality for those touched by His love. We can be made new by His love and have what we always wanted through Him! What we truly want is love!

His love accepts us, believes in us and empowers us to overcome against all odds. What are the odds against you today?

“All the promises of God are Yes and Amen, to the Glory of God through us.”

2 Corinthians 1:20

In Christ, the odds fall before the favor of God because all of His Promises are Yes and Amen. We are purposed to win in Him. Even in loss and sadness, He is there bringing beauty out of our ashes. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain, have tears or face hardship. However, it does mean that, against all odds, we come out on top! We come out with the opportunity to be better and do better.

I encourage you today to believe that all of His promises are for us; this includes healing, protection, restoration, unity, provision, health, long life, purpose, power, friends, gifts, talents, and more. Which of these do you need? There are actually over 7,000 promises in the Bible so there are plenty to choose from, and they are specific to all situations.

Against all odds you will arise, you will have peace, you will win, you will be healed, you will have new beginnings, and you will overcome! He is with you!

I encourage you to begin reading the promises you need every day, and then begin to speak it out loud so you hear yourself say it. This will take those promises from His pages into the pages of your heart where you can believe it! This is how His promises are real in our world. Please begin today! You can do this, and I believe in you!

Have a great week, and the best is yet to come!


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