We all want to be Lifted UP in life! This is an inherent part of our humanity as we seek to be better and to do better. The desire to be lifted up connects to the human spirit . We won’t quit but press forward to succeed, rise above challenges and overcome obstacles. We strive to conquer what is trying to conquer us and to live a fulfilled life with peace and joy. This is what being lifted up can do!

In fact, being lifted up causes us to go farther than we thought we could, to endure things we thought would take us out, to thrive in difficult circumstances, to be more than what others said, and to fulfill our life’s purpose. Being lifted up can change our lives in a moment!

Yet, in our humanity, we are limited, and those in our lives have limitations as well. This is not a criticism but the reality that we must acknowledge. We should face our personal limitations and the limitations of others. With this being said, it’s easy to shut down and be frustrated as we deal with the shortcomings of life. This approach, however, would be a mistake. We should never give up hope.

You see, no matter where we are in life, we can be lifted up! The trajectory of our path can be brighter and brighter as we trust God and believe in His plan. We will see that His way is better than ours and that His love never ends.

“But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; you are the glory and the lifter of my head.”

Psalms 3:3

He is the lifter of our lives and when our heads are lifted up, everything else follows. Our enemy seeks to pull our heads down which impacts our vision, our hope and our clarity. When this happens, it’s easy to get confused, overwhelmed and deflated. These emotions seek to zap our energy and will ultimately limit our lives.

This is why being lifted up is huge because it’s the antidote to this attack. When we are lifted up, our vision is expanded, our energy is full, and there is more clarity about the path of our lives. This new vision fuels our faith and gives us courage to move forward.

Who is lifting you up today?

It’s convenient to look to others, a substance, money or something else to lift us up, but this would be a mistake. No one or no thing has the ability of God to lift us to a higher ground. When He is our source, everything can get better step by step.

Regardless of what you are facing today or where you are in life, you can be lifted up! He doesn’t judge you but accepts you. He doesn’t ignore you but runs to your voice. He doesn’t leave you but He is with you through the struggle and success. He is what you need!

I encourage you to look up and be lifted up today. Life gets better with God, and His heart for you is expanding daily. The best is ahead and you will see His goodness in your life!

Have a great week and we love you,


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