Game of Thrones

I believe that we have thrones in our life, and we choose who sits on them. This touches every aspect of our life and what we give ourselves to in passion and authenticity. Some choose money to sit on the throne, and others choose a person to sit on the throne. No matter the choice, it’s a struggle to navigate as we filter through the white noise around us to keep the things that matter centered in our life. Truly we are in a Game of Thrones, and we play it everyday!

It seems that we are being courted by competing forces to get our allegiance for our throne. No one is exempt as temptation comes to all of us. We have choices to make, and we also have grace and mercy in time of need. However, we must remember that the Game of Thrones seeks to deceive us with temporary fixes and empty promises that leave disaster in its wake. In truth, we all have fallen for this, and we know the outcome. We must see clearly that this game is ongoing. In fact, it lasts a lifetime as we must choose daily who will sit on our throne which, in turn, dictates everything else in our lives.

Whoever sits on our throne is the one who owns us! Whatever we give our allegiance to is what we become. This is why so many people are unhappy, discontent and unfulfilled as they choose temporary fantasies to be on their throne. Furthermore, these things have no power to lead or heal so they take people in circles grasping but never healed, accumulating but never at peace. This is the Game of Thrones.

However, there is an antidote to this game that promises victory and protection. It is fulfilling, but it requires our life. It’s free, but costs our heart to experience.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John 3:30

Notice the simplicity and complexity of this verse. We must decrease by giving ourselves into His hands for His will to be fulfilled in our life. When we do this, He increases and sits on the throne of our life. However, we struggle with the complexity of being selfless and giving our heart, dreams and goals to Him for His plan to be done. The ongoing battle of our will is strong, and we must determine who will win.

This is how we know He is winning in this Game of Thrones:

We forgive those who have hurt us. We love our enemies and do good to them in spite of their actions. We accept people who are different than us, and we show mercy and grace in place of judgement. We follow His will over our own, trusting that He knows better than us. In short, we love God, and we love people which will change us from the inside out. It changes our character, our outlook and our view of life. This is the life long journey of our faith in Christ putting Him on the throne. When we do this, we become better people day by day being all we are purposed to be.

Who is on your throne today? I encourage you to make a decision this month that the Game of Thrones will be won by Jesus in your life and that His preeminence will triumph over all distractions. This is your moment. It’s your time to live the best way possible and that is through Christ being on your throne!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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