Field of Dreams

God loves dreams! He gives them to us, and they show us what we can be and what we can do. They are often beyond our abilities and resources because this is where He does the impossible. God speaks to us through dreams when we sleep, and He puts dreams in our heart. It’s one of the core ways He communicates His passion! However, dreams can be easily dismissed as the late pizza we ate or can be forgotten as we continue on with life. The daily grind or our failed attempts can rob us of energy and belief. But we must remember that Jesus has amazing plans, and a dream can move us forward into destiny. This is why we must go to the Field of Dreams!

This is a place of hope and life change. It’s a place where you feel God and hear His voice. It’s a place where fear is conquered, and courage is received. It’s a place where life has meaning, and purpose is revealed! It’s an open invitation, and it’s free!! So what happens in the Field of Dreams?

“Wine that gladdens the heart of man, oil to make his face shine, and bread that sustains his heart.”

Psalms 104:15

Notice the three things we receive in this place: wine, oil and bread. When these attributes are full in our life, we believe and step out. When they are empty, we resist and recoil backward. If your dream is on life support, maybe you need a boost in these areas. During this fast, it’s my belief that we will be revived and ready for this year to be great!

The wine signifies the Holy Spirit giving us joy. The word of God goes further saying it’s “joy unspeakable and full of glory” and “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” Dreams flourish with joy as obstacles are moved aside, valleys are walked through and pain is turned to healing. This gives us determination because joy is not a condition, it’s a position we have in Jesus! Protect your joy today. Make a request during the fast for you to be filled with joy!

The oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This is His presence on our life making us shine. Dreams are fortified, and our countenance is lifted with His oil. We are empowered to not be dejected or downcast because we see Him and look to Him. Be encouraged today and expect His oil to make you shine!

The bread illustrates the Word of God in our life. It is His voice speaking to us daily and giving us what we need. Dreams endure with His bread! They outlast crisis and discouragement. They overcome famine and thrive on our journey. They pass tests and hardships because His bread has daily nourishment. Receive His bread during this fast! Let your dreams be ignited believing they will happen!

Will you go to the Field of Dreams? Don’t give up because your best days are ahead! Think big, pray big and dream big because He is faithful to do it!

Have a great week and happy fasting!

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