Tomorrowland is a great hope! It speaks to new beginnings, a fresh start and a chance to redo something. This is huge for our life as it does so much for the soul. We get strength to endure challenges, overcome failure and refuse to quit because we have hope. We stay focused through the blur of life and are able to see the finish line to where we are going. Tomorrowland is more than a fairytale idea in a Disney movie. It’s a destination that Christ brings us to. This is more than material dreams or a fantasy life, but this is the goodness of God revealed in our tomorrow. This is vital because we all have hope that tomorrow will be better than today and that our future will be better than our past.

Therefore, I believe 2016 will be a big year for you to grow in every area of your life! We have begun our 21 days of prayer and fasting that always precedes amazing miracles and life change. While fasting doesn’t earn us something from God, it does align us with Him to receive what we lack and what we need.

Our Tomorrowland is bright with this promise in Joshua 3:5;

“Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.'”

Joshua 3:5

Notice that amazing things and miracles are in our Tomorrowland! But look at the phrase “consecrate yourselves.” This speaks to setting ourselves aside for God to speak, move and touch our life. One way we do this is by prayer and fasting!

I encourage you from January 11th thru the 31st to set aside something and see what Jesus will do. Along with abstaining from an item, pray daily, make a list and focus your faith because He is moving toward you! If you didn’t start on the 11th, begin today and start the countdown to God touching you like never before. He is preparing our Tomorrowland!

What do you see in your Tomorrowland? Is it marriage reconciliation? Healing physically or in relationships? Parental breakthrough or finances to be better? Whatever it is, we must protect it. We must keep our hope that Tomorrowland is better than our today! To assist you, we will post a daily scripture with prayer themes on our Facebook page titled City Church for all Nations. There is great support in community and doing this together adds to the strength of the fast in our lives.

Take the plunge and see what He will do in your Tomorrowland! The best is yet to come!

We love you and believe in you!

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