We all have a daily grind! This impacts every phase of life with responsibilities and effort as we navigate it. Of course, we have our good days and bad days while making memories along the way. In our culture it seems our daily grind is getting faster and faster with less time to have a break and more need for a vacation.

In fact, it’s so fast that most of us need a vacation when we get back from a vacation. It’s crazy, yet it’s where we are.

While this can seem boring and routine, it is potent while impacting so much in our life. You see the daily grind represents our patterns, our habits, and the way we process life. It reflects so much of our attitudes and perspectives; therefore, we must embrace it with focus so that we conquer it versus it conquering us.

I believe Jesus is discovered in the daily grind!

He wants to touch our patterns, habits, and lives. He also wants to guide our attitudes with perspective so that we have peace and fulfillment. This is where Christ is practical in process and practice. This is where we can get traction with our faith steering us into destiny yet we have to let Him into our daily grind.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

This is speaking of our daily grind!

Will we trust Him and lean on Him regarding our families, relationships, jobs/careers, parenting, bills, money and more? Will we invite Him in to our attitude with others, ourselves and our future? Will we walk in love on Monday to those in our lives? This is where Jesus wants to be and this is where He needs to be.

If we can be vulnerable, the daily grind brings out the best and worst in us. We can love the stranger and do wrong to our spouse in the same day. We can obey God with others and disobey Him with ourselves. In a moment’s time, we can go from trusting Him to doubting Him. This is why our faith must be practical so that we put Jesus in our stuff. When we do this, His supernatural ability touches our lives and makes a huge difference.

I encourage you to overtly trust Him in your daily grind!

This is the daily stuff we do that encompasses our lives; trust Him in it. We do this by yielding control of our lives and giving it to Him. Taking this step is massive in our development and it takes time.

I also encourage you to acknowledge Him in your daily grind. This is putting Christ in paying the bills, cleaning your house, going to work, studying for your test, loving your family and more. It may seem weird but He wants to help us in these areas. He wants to make life better! He wants to be by your side!

Will you take this step? When you do, Jesus will be tangible in the daily grind. Go for it. He is with us and the best is yet to come!

Have a great week,


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