Have you done cow tipping? I never have. Probably because I’m too “city,” but for some this is a popular pastime. From what I hear, you approach a cow as it sleeps standing up and you attempt to tip it over. If this is wrong, please forgive me. This connects to our faith!

Did you know that Jesus went cow tipping?

He had a habit of tipping over the sacred cows that religious leaders put up, thus making it hard for people to reach Him. He attacked these false systems with love and power giving all people a chance to have His redemption and rescue. He ignored false ideologies and gave His attention to those overlooked and rejected by them; but this ancient problem exists today.

Sacred cows are easy to erect as it’s our attempt to get to God; in truth, it keeps us and others from Him. When we approach faith with intellect and rules, we shut down our hearts so that our relationship with Him suffers. In fact, it becomes distant and cold. When this happens we become judgmental, legalistic, and focus on what we don’t do. Unfortunately, Christ-followers and churches can do damage with this approach but there is a better way!

“But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the Church.”

1 Corinthians 8:1

Notice, love strengthens the church which is comprised of you and me. It’s this mode that tips the cows over so that people can have the authentic Jesus the one who changes lives and makes all things new. The one who forgives our mistakes and reveals a peace that passes our abilities. It’s this Jesus that we long for and it’s this Jesus that we need; therefore, we must go cow tipping.

Are you dealing with a sacred cow? Could your walk with Christ get deeper?

Our moment is now to open our hearts and embrace His healing touch. This trumps our pride, our religious systems, and our pasts. It gives us the experience of Jesus bridging us into His power and plan. It’s our choice and moment to go cow tipping.

Take this step! Make this move! The best is yet to come!


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