Gifts are always great to receive!

Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and graduations are all cool times to experience receiving gifts. These are memories that are building blocks in our lives as we connect with family and friends. I bet we can remember a stand out gift we got when we were kids, along with a gift we got at one of these moments as adults. There is something about these moments that can leave a mark on our lives, filling us with love and appreciation.

Gifts can vary from things to people, places and time. When you think of time, how do you perceive it? Is it a gift?

For many of us, the past is filled with regret thinking of what we would have done or should have done. This is a subtle trap to keep us frozen in a memory, in a mistake or a crisis we faced. Regret can lead to depression, anxiety, guilt and shame. These are powerful weapons against the human spirit that can leave an unfulfilled life. In fact, regret can be one of the strongest emotions felt when facing death. However, our lives can be different! Our decisions can lead us into a life well lived!

A present gift, is right now! Our moment to do something significant is today. Our moment to love is today. Our moment to forgive or make amends is today.

In fact, this is all we have as the past is gone and the future hasn’t come. While we can be weighed down with regret and or lazy with procrastination, we must choose to seize our today.

“For God says, “At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you. Indeed the right time? in now. Today is the day of salvation.”

2 Corinthians 6:2

Notice today is the day we receive His grace and mercy. Today is the day we receive His love and power to maximize the moment. He is focused in our now and with all the nuances it entails. He knows about our bills, our stress, our struggles, our family and our desires. He is patiently walking with us as we live life, giving us the chance with a present gift to do our best.

Are you frozen with regret? Are the people in your today punished because you are in the past?

I encourage you to rise up with new beginnings. Rise up and seize a present gift today.

The best is ahead and the best is today! He is faithful to complete and fulfill what He has started in you.

You can do this and have a great week!


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