We all have regrets whether in an act, conversation or decision. It’s an unfortunate part of our life yet our regrets can be linked to our words. All of us have messed up with our mouth at some point and at some level.

In fact, we remember conversations that happened years ago. For better or for worse these moments leave an imprint in our heart, soul and mind. We have hurt others and others have hurt us with words, this a part of being imperfect in relationships.

When we think of curse words our mind goes to four letter words we know we shouldn’t be used yet sometimes we slip up and say. These words are a part of our culture with the expression of frustration and joy.

I believe there are curse words that are hidden and damaging to our lives. While they are not considered wrong in use, they can do wrong in our lives.

The curse word “can’t” is huge and its impact is far reaching. “Can’t” can close doors of opportunity, end marriages, and hinder growth. “Can’t” has the ability to stunt us so we hold onto the past and never grab onto the present. “Can’t” can keep us from loving others and loving ourselves.

Christ says we can!

“I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

This is a profound declaration for our lives. The context of this verse is doing life well no matter the circumstance. God has the ability to give us peace in all things so that in hardship or blessing, in little or in plenty, we can.

What area of your life are you saying “can’t”? It’s those areas that He is saying you can!

In your marriage, you can. In your faith, you can. In your disappointment, you can. In your hurt, you can. In your parenting, you can. In your dream, you can.

Jesus helps us to overcome our “can’t”. I encourage you to resist this curse word.

Choose to overcome with His declaration. Choose to receive His promise for your life. Break through the barriers of “I can’t” with “I can”.

This is your moment; therefore, let Him seize your heart so you can seize your day!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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