We have one life to live and one chance to make it count!

The yearning for significance is the opportunity to give to others. This is where we live for generations! This is how we maximize our moment!

Our moment is the same in that we each have it and we each have a choice to make. So what will we do with it?

This question is complicated as we navigate frustrations, disappointments and more. What we thought would happen didn’t, and we wonder if all our dreams will come true. This reality is truth for many of us; therefore, maximizing our moment is a big endeavor.

Our challenge is to wade through the bitter waters of life and allow Him to lead us to the living waters of Heaven. This empowers our attitude to be right, our perspective to be healthy and our purpose discovered.

Notice God’s heart for us in His Word:

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”

3 John 2

This touches the core of who we are, so that we are healed in our spirit, soul and body. The magnitude of this is huge as we connect with God and with others. This is being fulfilled and complete in life. Here are a couple of practical things to walk out daily.

First is humility. Humility will open doors, heal wounds and restore lost time. It will protect us and promote us. It will drive out drama and yield peace in our relationships. I believe humility is filled with wisdom and it will lead us to success and blessings beyond our ability.

Humility will help us maximize our moment!

Second, don’t take things personally. This is a massive undertaking, yet it is possible as we draw close to Christ. When we take it personally we make it about us and we get out of the flow in our relationships. When this happens we can’t pray or connect correctly as we are blocked by our offense. When we see the big picture we are able to handle stuff with grace.

I know these two things are easier said than done, yet we can strive to walk them out and to do our best.

Are you humble today? Are you taking things personally today?

I encourage you to stop so that you are free to maximize your moment. Remember, we live once and we have one chance to make it count! We don’t have time to be prideful or to take things personally. This is our moment to make an eternal difference! What will you do?

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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