I love it when things are simple! Do you? This helps to engage people and empower them to take an action step.

This is huge as we are becoming more dependent on technology; moreover, the speed to learn these things is getting faster. Our daily functions are changing in how we do them, so retaining information is crucial. Simplicity is vital with different business genres as well. We see less is more with restaurants, clothing stores, graphic designs and more. We want the best but we don’t want to be overwhelmed with details.

While we know that life presents complex challenges, it seems the greatest things are in the simplicity of love.

We tend to take simple things and make them hard (i.e. friends, family, and faith). It can be argued these are complicated; however, they are linked to loving others and giving our hearts to them. In fact, what lasts forever can be summed up with loving God and loving people!

Jesus models this as He wants our hearts. He wants our lives so that we shine for all to see. The greatest thing we can do in our lifetime is love God and love people, because it is what makes us complete and fulfilled!

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Romans 10:13

Notice the simplicity!

Our temptation is to make it hard with rules, steps and performance so we do everything but the main thing; Love God and Love People. We gravitate toward this because it’s easier to do a checklist than give Him our heart. It’s the same with people as we do everything but authentic relating as it requires more.

This is how religion blurs our view and makes it hard for others to be a part. So, will we take a step back and choose simplicity?

When we love God and love people we are at peace with ourselves and others. This is true because doing both are eternal, which stimulates our sense of purpose and fulfillment. Living for temporal things will feed impatience, lead you to feel like it’s never enough, and potentially take for granted those closest to us. We were created for more than that. We are destined for eternal impact.

Choose Him today! Choose His simplicity! Love God and love people!

Have a great week and believe the best is yet to come.


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