Do you have an awkward family photo? I’m talking about the one where it caught you in the in-between place of growing up and you want no one to see it. We like to stash these away for no one to view, then we cringe when a relative posts it on social media; yeah it happens!

While this can be fun, relationships always present awkward moments. In fact, doing life with others breeds these moments, yet we have a choice of what we will do. Our choices can include growth and improvement with ourselves, or we could retract while shutting off our hearts. This is the maze we live in as we intertwine with others.

All of us have messed up in our reactions in tough moments. We have said wrong things, let anger control us, been bitter, and maybe more. These reactions are easy for us as we respond to awkwardness. What will we do with these situations?

In truth, marriages, friendships and more can be stuck in a time warp from when an awkward moment was never addressed. Families can fall apart because they never talk about the “elephant in the room” as it decays the unity and love. Our choice in the matter is huge as it dictates so much with ourselves and those around us.

The good news is Jesus will help us!

Ephesians 4:32 gives us the strategy,

“Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.”

Ephesians 4:32

This verse is a life long challenge, yet if Christ has given this to us, then our aim is to give this to others. Notice these three things:

First, be kind to each other. This is to show kindness to all people as in our enemies, one’s who use us and do wrong toward us. This shouldn’t be cast off as some kid’s lesson as we all are tested daily to be kind. Be determined to show kindness to those in your family, your friends and beyond.

Second, be tenderhearted. This speaks to believing the best in others. How challenging this is as we are geared to be suspicious towards people. Our choice is to trust that good will come out of all situations; therefore, we can open our hearts and be tender! We can love freely because He has loved us!

Third, forgive others. Awkward family photos will give us plenty of opportunities to practice forgiving. Since Christ has forgiven us, we aim to forgive others. We are empowered to triumph over those things that have hurt us! We have the chance to conquer that which tried to conquer us and it’s connected to forgiving others!

This is the Gospel on display! This is what we can do on a daily basis. Be kind, be tenderhearted and forgive others!

I encourage you to take awkward moments and turn them for good. Don’t get stuck with them but rather move forward through them!

The best is ahead and have a great week!


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