Making money is the reason why we go to school, and it’s the reason why we are trained in a skill or make efforts to start a business. We all know it takes money to provide the life we want along with taking care of our responsibilities. Money is big, as so much is centered on it.

Money can dictate our attitude towards others and dictate how we treat others. It’s easy to be prideful or feel inferior based on money alone. While we know this is fickle, it can happen to all of us as we chase the “American Dream”. The challenge is, it’s good to work, it’s Biblical to provide, and everyone needs a sense of accomplishment; therefore, money is big!

There is something bigger than money!

Jesus has a life that is complete so that we are fulfilled relationally and professionally. A life that our purpose is clear in the spectacular and in the mundane. A life that is consistent as we build a solid platform of trust that will echo in eternity.

Jesus said in Luke 16:9,

“Here is the lesson: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. Then, when your earthly possessions are gone, they will welcome you to an eternal home.”

Luke 16:9

Notice Jesus is saying that people are bigger than money!

Whatever resources we have, He asks us to benefit others and make friends, because whoever we invest in, can receive the love of God. This reveals that what we do and what we give matters both now and in Heaven. Money is the vehicle we use to provide for our families and to do good while making friends!

Will we let God be bigger than money? Will we receive His heart toward people as we value relationships over what we get?

It is possible in paying our bills, feeling frustrated at work, and trying to get ahead or managing our wealth that we know the reason for our resources. We benefit others and we make friends!

When we value people our lives will be big! When we value money over people, our lives get small.

What will we choose? Go for God! He has great things for you as your life is making a difference in eternity!

Have a great week and the best is ahead!


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