Most of us have heard the phrases “the eye of the storm” or “the eye of the tiger”, but “the eye of the needle” is one that challenges us on many levels. While this phrase comes from the Bible it has modern day application for all of us. In fact, it goes to the core of who we are so that we can know who He is!

Before I explain the eye of the needle, I want to share its context. Jesus referenced this while talking about possessions and money. He was describing the struggle of what possessions can do within us and how we can navigate it with a proper attitude.

We must admit that we can be possessed by our possessions!

This is easy for us to do. In truth it’s repetitive in our life as we cycle through perspectives and ideologies that can lead in many directions. Therefore, the eye of the needle presents the antidote to this struggle.

We must admit that we make it about money, but Jesus makes it about the heart!

Our heart is the prize possession of God and it’s all He wants from us. Our moment is now, our opportunity is to let Jesus lead us through the eye of the needle.

“I’ll say it again-it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God.”

Matthew 19:24

This reference is for rich people and poor people alike.

The eye of the needle was a small narrow gate used after hours for travelers with a camel or other animals. It was smaller on purpose for security reasons. A camel could only fit through this gate by the owner unloading all the bags and its saddle along with the camel getting on its knees.

This is the challenge for us! When we let go of our bags (fear, anger, pride, and greed) and get on our knees, Jesus can lead us through the eye of the needle. Its purpose is to create a picture of humility that causes us to depend on Him. It also gives the chance for God to fill us up in our lives.

Instead of being possessed by our possessions, we can be possessed by God!

Will you get on your knees today? Will you give the possessions of your heart to Christ?

I encourage you to do this! Give Him all you got through a position of humility! Let’s see what happens when we go through the eye of the needle!

Have a good week and the best is yet to come!


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