Have you ever felt like something in your life was turned upside down? This feeling can change our world in a moment leaving us bewildered and confused. While we don’t like this, it is a part of life. These moments leave us reaching for help, needing a source greater and stronger than ourselves. God can be revealed when our world is turned upside down, as His mercy and grace carry new meaning. He is the master at taking what is sudden or bad and turning it for our good.

Jesus has a different perspective than ours. While we see things turned upside down, He sees right-side up. We want Him to make things easy and convenient, but His desire is to make us pure and healed. Our opposite views can trigger a distance with Christ if not processed in humility; therefore, our approach is huge.

When life is turned upside down it carries a sense of embarrassment as we don’t have things in control and our resume doesn’t look so good anymore. In our culture, this can damage our confidence as we think others are better and that we don’t measure up. After all, our resumes in life reflect all the good things in us and why we are valuable. Right?

At best, this idea is fickle changing day by day, leaving us bouncing around emotionally as opinions impact us way too much. I know this is easier said than done, yet it is something we have to acknowledge for our restoration to become reality.

Right-side up to Jesus is when our weaknesses are exposed leaving us nothing else but to give Him what we have. It’s past performance and behavior as He gets to the core of who we are so He can heal who we are! For many of us, it takes a moment, a situation that turns things right-side up for the revelation of grace, mercy and love. This is when He goes past theory into reality. This is when we are changed the most in His presence and where miracles happen.

Marriages, parenting, relationships, purity, money and more will get better when things are turned right-side up.

This ultimately gives us humility as we set the resume aside, and give Him our rags. It’s our rags He wants! It’s our rags that He works with to change us into a new person, making things better around us.

“When I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Corinthians 12:10

This verse is Christ right-side up! When I’m exposed, when I’m vulnerable, when my rags are seen then I am strong! Our decision is to become comfortable with having things turned right-side up.

He is the one person we don’t have to perform for. He is the one person we don’t have to impress. He is the one person that we don’t have to prove anything to. All we do is come to Him with open arms!

Is anything turned right-side up? Go with it! Let Him have your rags. Give Him your weakness. Give Him what you have, so you can see what He has.

This is the best place to be! Go for it, He is with you!

Have a great week and may the Lord be great on your behalf.


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