Have you ever been dirty? If you are like me, you know what it’s like to be covered in mud doing what you enjoy, then comes the time to get cleaned up. This is always important, especially for those around you. Good hygiene goes a long way!!

Have you ever felt dirty on the inside?

This is a pervasive “yes” as we all have felt shame, guilt, fear and more. Navigating life presents plenty of chances to be overwhelmed and confused as we feel things on the inside. The truth is, mud and dirt are easier to deal with than the dirt on the inside. It’s easy to get soap and clean what is dirty, but do you know of a soap that can clean on the inside? What soap can reach our conscience while giving us peace?

Jesus is the answer!

His love penetrates our soul, cleaning our conscience, making us new from the inside out. This is our chance to be free, to be clean, to be new and to have a new beginning. I’m talking about the areas in our life that are secrets. The areas that we have blocked out and refuse to talk about. The areas that we carry shame and guilt. It’s in these places that He touches, giving us a clean conscience! This is His life! This is His love! This is His blood at work in us!

“Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our conscience from sinful deeds so that we can worship the Living God.”

Hebrews 9:14

The blood of Jesus is practical for everyday life as it connects to God, ourselves, and others. In fact, His blood will make our lives better in all aspects as He touches our past, breathes on our present and gives hope for the future. Yet, this can be ambiguous in how we practice this daily. Here are three ways we can walk this out:

First, receive Jesus. This speaks to being a Christ-follower by giving Him your heart and living for Him. In our imperfection, He will give grace to bring us closer to Him. I’m speaking of a relationship with God that connects and moves in our daily lives.

Second, make amends with yourself. Because He forgives us and His blood cleans our conscience, we are empowered to forgive ourselves. A lot of us struggle to forgive ourselves. We ask the “what if” question and wonder what could be different, but this is torment as we can’t change the past. Our moment is now in doing the right things. Our moment is now to make things right. Our moment is now to forgive ourselves. This is a process for some; however, He is always with us.

Lastly, we make amends with others. To be right with God is to make things right with others. This deals with forgiving and saying that you’re sorry to others. We are to face what we have done wrong, and then make amends. Jesus desires that we live in peace with Him and with those in our lives. While this takes courage, His love will help us walk this out.

These three steps is how the blood of Christ gives us a clean conscience on a daily basis.

What do you desire to be cleaned today? Which step is a challenge for you?

He loves you and He is there for you. He is giving you new beginnings, giving you a clean conscience!

Have a great week and may you prosper in His love and grace.


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