There is something special about new things!

They smell great, they are untouched, and they make us feel good. I think everyone needs to experience this to understand what I’m talking about. While this is fun, it does not lead to complete fulfillment. In fact, our lives can be empty chasing possessions, never coming into healing. Cars, homes and clothes are a blessing, yet there is the greatest new we can receive.

Christ has the ability to give anyone a new life!

This means our old habits, hurts and hang ups are defeated within us. The things that weigh us down within our emotions are lifted from us and our guilt and shame are erased. How great is our God!

We struggle thinking we are not ready or we are not good enough but these are lies. We don’t get cleaned up to come to Jesus, we come to Jesus to get cleaned up! The greatest new is for anyone and His grace and His mercy are new daily.

“He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; and gently leads those that have young.”

Isaiah 40:11

Notice His position toward us. He is our Shepherd. He carries us close to His heart and He gently leads us. This speaks to the greatest new He has for anyone.

The Shepherd watches closely over His own to protect them, to lead them and to give them all they need. This reflects His heart for us. On a daily basis He stands watch, giving His best toward our lives.

He carries us close to His heart because He knows what’s in our hearts! His compassion is flowing to us daily as we navigate life. I love this picture as He not only carries us, but He holds us close to His heart so that our hearts can be healed.

He gently leads us into His purpose. This speaks of His patience and kindness toward us daily. In our struggles, in our disappointment and in our failures He stays the same.

The greatest new is to be valued and honored; therefore, our response can be open and humble to His goodness. Let this be your position toward Jesus. He is willing and ready to blow your mind with His love. This is for you!

Open your heart today! Receive hope that whatever you have done and wherever you have been, He is the greatest new for you!

Love you and have a great week.


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