Our hearts have a great capacity to love, but to also shut down. It’s amazing how these two positions can fluctuate from day to day within a variety of people and circumstances.

I think we all have heart diaries that are deep and intertwined on so many levels, with different emotions coming to the surface. Sometimes, we can tame this and other times we can’t. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of control with certain areas of our lives.

The heart diaries develop from our experiences and how they impact us. We carry them everywhere we go, as it’s the lens we look through toward ourselves and other people. This can be misleading and play games on our emotions leading us into a gambit of outcomes.

However, Jesus knows our heart diaries!

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.”

Psalm 139:1

It’s awesome how God loves us through our imperfections, healing our issues and giving us hope for a better tomorrow.

Our challenge is if we will let Him into our heart diaries. This is where we are changed from the inside out. Where old attitudes and behaviors are replaced with new ones. Where we are healed from our scars, giving us a new perspective toward ourselves and others. This is love given freely and unconditionally.

Here is how we can experience this change of heart:

Acknowledge stony and stubborn places in our hearts (Ezekiel 36:26). These are the offenses, behaviors, attitudes, and resistances we carry daily. In truth, we all need His touch in these areas as we navigate life. When we acknowledge them, He is able to heal us.

I think honesty is more for ourselves than for others. It frees us and puts us in position to be changed forever. Honesty enables us to face reality so that Jesus can change our reality. Denial is a powerful tool that keeps us trapped, yet honesty trumps it!

Heart diaries can be our story of victory or they can be a merry-go-round, keeping us stunted and stuck.

What will you do?

Be courageous and take the chance of a lifetime with Jesus. Your moment is now! Our opportunity is now! The best is yet to come!

Have a great week!


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