Relationships are a part of life; our greatest joy and sadness come from them. They have the power to lift us to new heights or take us down to new depths. Our independence is always linked to our dependence of others, and the balance of both is tedious. This dichotomy is attached to our process; therefore, how we handle it dictates a lot!

Nothing great is done alone and God made it that way. In His design, our need for others reflects our need for Him. I believe relationships are the greatest mirror we look at to see who we really are. This empowers us to change and be better to both ourselves and to others.

Teamwork and relational building are foundational stones that Christ uses for our development; marriage, parenting, business, community and church thrive on them. From this we can see where we are tempted and where we are vulnerable toward others.

“Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of His friend.”

Proverbs 27:17

This verse gives us wisdom and insight to how we work with others. It also reveals what happens in us through relationships.

Here are three Relationships Rules I believe in:

  1. Adapt, don’t adopt.

We need to adapt in different environments, but we don’t have to adopt things that are contrary to our values. This is how we can relate to all people with a variety of beliefs. We can learn something from everyone and yet not agree with them. An open heart is not a foolish heart in Jesus. Adapting is a must as things change, but knowing what we value will guide us through uncertainties.

  1. Give up, don’t give in.

This speaks to trusting God with our relationships. When we “give up” our concerns to Him, peace will follow. When I “give up”, I find strategy and strength to take my next step. When I “give in”, I’ve let someone dictate my next step. This is dangerous and manipulative. We have the power of choice to do right by others and ourselves. If someone is trying to get you to “give in” that’s a sign to get away!

  1. Identify, don’t justify.

It’s easy to make excuses for bad behavior; however, when we justify wrong, we are agreeing with it. This is a trap to pull us further than we want to go and to do more than we want to do. We must identify what the truth is so that we can make a clear decision. Making excuses will always bring confusion when it’s time to act. It breeds contamination and God is not in it. Today, see it for what it is. Make a step in the right direction by identifying the truth, moving onward to a healthy place with others.

Take time to evaluate yourself with these three rules and see where you need strength. Ask God for help and step toward Him with confidence! The best is ahead.

Something great is happening,


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