We are full of memories of good times and bad times. Our minds are a vivid camera keeping record of what we have seen and heard. Our hearts, an updated computer, keeping files of what we feel and why we feel it. Life is moving fast, yet some things stand still within our souls giving us memories.

The challenge we have is the navigation of the good and the bad experiences we have gone through. It’s easy to be stuck in yesterday, trapped by injustice at some level, or we stay where it was good and never moving on to the best. This is complex as we process our minds and hearts daily walking out life in faith.

However, I believe Jesus has a place for us of thankful memories!

This is beyond a memory; it is touching an attitude we choose to have in all things. While we can’t control what others do, we can control how we respond and how we remember.

I’ve learned this dealing with the loss of my grandmother. That generation in my family is now in eternity leaving a void in my heart. I’ve been emotional thinking about the good and the bad things we had as a family, leaving me with different reactions. While this is normal with loss, it also can be a trap leading me into focusing on what wasn’t versus what was and all of the great things.

Memories can give joy or sadness, but my attitude chooses how I process them.

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

This verse gives us the antidote in our memories; be thankful!

Our position must be one of thankful memories. Look back with gratitude that God has kept us through it all and blessed us with good times. This keeps things in perspective with Jesus, that He is the fulfillment we need. He is the hope we have.

The good things in our past were His blessing and the bad things gave opportunity for His mercy and grace. Our wounds give the chance for His healing. The setbacks gives Him the space to promote us. This is the power of a thankful heart. It turns everything as an opportunity to worship God. It gives place for Christ to do the impossible.

Are you choosing to have thankful memories?

Take this step one memory at a time as you overcome with His restoration. Receive His peace for your past and His best for your future!

A practical step with this is to write down your top three good memories and top three bad memories. After you do this begin to thank God for His blessing and His mercy through them all. Even begin to mention specific things giving accuracy with what you feel. He will flood you with a posture of thankful memories.

Receive His refreshing today! May His love and kindness be yours at a new level.

Something great is happening!


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