Light is huge in our daily lives. It gives so much and does more than we see or realize. Many days, we take it for granted going about our lives with no thought to the power it has.

A cool fact is that light will always win against darkness!

No matter the kind of light, no matter the darkness, light wins. This natural law speaks spiritual truth. It’s something we have access to daily. Our challenge is being blind to the opportunity we have. Our status, our issues, and our past has no bearing on who we can be in Christ. These things don’t matter once we come into the light.

Jesus reveals the light to humanity!

This Easter, we have hope because He lives. Through His light we win against the darkness. Our guilt and shame fall down and we are declared free! We are made new with a future and an expected end. Purpose and promise grip our souls giving meaning to the daily routines we have. Relationships become deeper as what we do now will echo in eternity. He lives! The light is shining bright for everyone!

Do you see the light?

This is ours to see as He gives healing and hope.

Jesus is the light. He is the fulfillment in all we need and He is the completion we seek. This speaks bigger than a religion or a set of rules. This speaks to a movement of love that cannot be stopped. His power is unmatched in ability as He reaches toward all.

He is reaching for you today in the brilliance of His light. Look up and see Him. Receive Him. Give your heart to Him and watch Him do the impossible.

The opportunity is now!

Grab onto Him and let the adventure of a lifetime begin. His light is shining on you!

Have a great Easter weekend!


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