What is the BIG picture for our lives?

This can be answered in many different ways, yet Christ brings it home. While it’s great to have goals and ambition, our greater purpose is revealed in God. In fact, He is the only one that can fulfill us completely. He is the only one that gives meaning to our past, present and future. He is the only one who takes our pain and struggles and turns them for good.

The big picture is found in what we give to others!

Jesus asks us to love Him with everything and then to love others the same. This is a huge challenge. It’s the dichotomy of becoming like Christ while processing through our issues. This is frustrating, yet life-changing as we are forgiven in our connection with God and we are healed in our relationship with others.

The life that gives to others will live for generations.

What are we giving today? How are we valuing those we love and those that are in our lives?

The answer to this reflects what our big picture is and how we carry out life.

The Bible says in Nahum 1:3,

“The Lord is slow to get angry, but His power is great.”

Nahum 1:3

Notice His patience as He changes us step by step. His gentleness and kindness is unmatched while leading us into the big picture. His mercies are new every morning: so we get it and we come to the place of receiving His way!

The second part of this verse says, “His power is great.” There is nothing about us He cannot change. He is able to transform us! He is able to restore us! He is able to do miracles in us! All of this speaks to the big picture for you and me.

Your life matters and your story counts for something. Give it away freely. Live a life that is forgiven and healed. Be a part of the BIG picture! Receive His patience and power revealing a greater plan for you.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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