All of us are in need of healing at some level. Our faith journey is one of victory, through the process of His Love and Grace, making us better and making us new.

Jesus provides complete healing for our spirit, soul and body. He is the only one that can take the pain out of our scares, giving us hope and a story to share. The truth is we need His touch on a daily basis, fulfilling who we are. While Christ finished redemption’s work on the cross, this spiritual reality has to be walked out in our souls. The natural senses need His transforming power as we react to others, deal with life, and filter all that comes our way.

I believe it’s important that we don’t use the Bible to hide from reality. This is common as scriptures and promises are used to stay in denial. The scriptures and promises are to empower our faith as we become more like Christ. When we face our reality, Christ can change our reality!

The Bible says in Jeremiah 30:17,

“I will give back your health and heal you of your wounds.”

Jeremiah 30:17

Notice that He will give back our health, which speaks to our need of healing. It’s not wrong to need healing; it is wrong to reject being healed. The opportunity stands before us. What will we do?

Jesus will heal us spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally. These are four areas we all face, and yet He is able to mend them. He is able to make us new. Humility must be our posture to experience this Healing!

I encourage you today to face your reality in these four areas. If that is too much, then tackle them one at a time. Allow Christ to reveal things, so He can heal things. He has the power to change our reality, giving us a healed story that reflects His power with grace and love. A practical step can be writing the one main thing for each of these four areas you deal with. A couple of examples could be doubt for spiritually or fear for emotionally. Whatever it is, begin to face it, allowing Jesus to heal it. This may not be sensational but it will be supernatural. He is faithful. Go for it!

Be courageous and strong for God is with you!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come.


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