Everyone has a story. I believe our stories can reflect the Grace and Mercy of God. They reveal the goodness of Christ in our success and in our failures. The stories we have are an opportunity to see redemption as He makes us new.

The hurdle we face is the pain, shame and guilt we have. Each of us can carry this at some level which keeps us in the closet of life, being stuck in the past. For many of us our story is something we hide as we bury memories and actions. While it’s good to feel remorse, these emotions can keep us captive. The good news is that we can be free of these feelings.

Our story can be turned for good as we shine His love and faithfulness through them. We can give our story away, which gives hope to others. In fact, the reality of Christ comes when He touches these feelings which gives us a personal experience to share.

We must fight against religion as it produce can performance. It blocks authenticity and reality of His love. It locks us into shame with guilt as our stories are cut short of full impact. We must resist this and receive?His love and life!

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Christ makes us a new person! He heals our issues and changes our attitudes. He gives us a new heart that is filled with love and peace as we see greater purpose.

If we are new, then why should I be full of shame and guilt? Why should I be embarrassed with my true story? That part of our lives is gone and a new life has begun. I believe He wants us to share where we have been. He wants our story to glorify Him, which will help others.

What is your story today? Let Jesus in it! Let Jesus come through it!

Be bold about where you have been. Be courageous in your story, because someone else is reaching for hope. Someone else is reaching for Christ, and sharing your story could be the connection they need.

I pray you are free of shame, guilt and feeling embarrassed. You are new and the old is gone. There are new memories to make. There are new days ahead. There is a purpose and a plan for you! Let Jesus use your true story.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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