Labels are powerful!

For many, they hold too much credibility as the opinions of others. Yet, we have repeated this pattern. This stems from insecurity and fear, which translates into putting people in categories that help us control our world. While this is jaded, it’s also the reality we live in. However, Christ has the antidote.

People label us, God names us!

One label is opinion, the other is truth. One label lasts forever, the other comes and goes. Our foundation has to be what He names us as we navigate the labels we face. It’s easy to be swayed and to slowly let these opinions rule our lives.

However, for every label He has a name that is greater!

“And I will also write on them my new name.”

Revelation 3:12

This is a promise we look forward to when we see Him face to face, and it’s also an insight to how He sees us now. Labels reflect failures, drama, and circumstance. His name reflects His heart, His love, and His Grace. New beginnings are in Christ!!

I encourage all of us to break through the labels.

Jesus overrides our limitations. He overrides our past and present. He overrides family drama and family pain. He overrides our issues and gives us a new identity. Our part is to believe.

How do we grow in our belief?

First, daily receive His Word. Everyday make it a point to read it or listen to it. Let it come into your heart. Let His names fill you with faith. His Word will expose the lies of the labels.

Second, memorize a verse. When we memorize something it gets in our minds, hearts and souls. Start with one verse and then grow to more. Speak it out loud every day. This is crucial because what’s in our hearts will come out. When life hits the fan, what you have memorized will come from your mouth.

The BIG thing is to start somewhere with these two steps. Begin today and if you miss it, get up and try again. This is our opportunity to be who we can be. We need Him; therefore, receive His Name and overcome the labels!

Have a great week and I believe in you. The best is yet to come!


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