We all need a place where everyone knows our name. A place where we are accepted and valued. We thrive on this as it is a part of our life experience. In fact, this is huge in our social development.

We are made for community! We are made for relationships!

Without this we are unable to fulfill our purpose so we must embrace the imperfection of ourselves and those in our life. We will be let down by others but we will also be blessed by others.

Through the maze of relationships, Christ gives you and me a place to belong and a place to have value.

You are the Salt of the Earth. But if the Salt loses its Saltiness, how can it be made Salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Matthew 5:13

Notice, He calls us the Salt of the Earth! This is our place! This is our purpose!

In Christ we have a permanent place at the table. We have His preservation in our lives and we can give that away to others.

Whatever place we have today, He has a greater idea for us! He desires to enlarge our ability. To expand our influence as we fulfill our purpose.

So, how do we stay salty?

This speaks to staying fresh in our Faith no matter what we walk through. To do this we have to give?Him the areas of our life that are flawed. The areas that are failed. Staying salty comes from Jesus touching those dark places that breed wrong attitudes, wrong decisions and wrong outcomes.

These are a few ideas to stay salty.

Receive His beauty. His beauty heals our wounds and restores our loss. His beauty, is His Grace given to us to make us whole. He beautifies the areas of our imperfection.

Let this beauty fill you from the inside out, making you new. Making you strong. Making you healed. With Christ this is possible!

Receive His joy. His joy comes in our mourning. He may not take our mourning away, but He will give us joy in the middle of mourning. He will sustain us. He will bring us through.

Let His joy fill you in all circumstance. Let His joy be your strength as you walk through all seasons of life. He is faithful to heal our mourning with His joy.

Give praise. When we praise God, it touches Him. Praise lifts despair from our lives. It enables us to see Him from a different perspective. It causes our eyes to look up and see Him as our deliverer and redeemer.

Today give Him praise out loud. Give Him your heart by singing to Him. Let Him have more of you and watch despair flee from your life.

This is how we stay Salty. This is how we overcome the daily grind. This is where we find our place, our acceptance and our value!

May you overcome any obstacle in your way and may you have His promises in your life. The best is yet to come and we love you.

Stay Salty,


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