We all have daily expectations!

This connects to life, work, school, family, friends and more. Expectations drive our hope as we look to see these met. In fact many times we act in ways that reflect where we are with expectations.

Some people have given up so they act in ways that disrespect themselves and others. We also see those who have expectations in place live with hope and purpose.

In Christ we can have daily expectations that are reliable with consistency. This is HUGE because it fuels our hope which connects to our faith. Yet this idea challenges us as we have been disappointed in life that we resist trusting Him.

Our daily routines seem to lower our expectations, but I believe that on Monday morning, He is there. When I’m alone, He is there. When I don’t know what’s next, He is there! When life pushes me, I can push back because He is there.

“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”

Psalm 103:2

The question is what are His benefits? This is our list of Daily Expectations.

#1. He forgives all our sins! This is BIG time as we all need it daily. We may not overtly act out but many times our hearts need His forgiveness. This is where acting out starts anyway. It’s always inside. We can expect that He will forgive us daily.

#2. He heals our diseases! Christ has the desire and power to heal our bodies. In fact He heals our total man. Any sickness or issue He is the healer on a daily basis. He has our health in mind and He will do something about it. We can expect His healing touch daily.

#3. He redeems our life from the pit! The mercy of God keeps us from what we deserve. His love is actively protecting us from the pit of despair and more. He is watching over you. He is moving over you. He is redeeming you in the power of His promise. We can daily expect His redeeming power in our life.

#4. He crowns us with love and compassion! We need this too. His love and compassion are turned toward us. He knows our frailties, He knows our weakness and yet crowns us. This speaks to victory as we overcome these things. I need these in my life! We can daily expect His love and compassion shown to us.

#5. He satisfies our desires! We have the promise that He will satisfy our desires. This hits the core of our trust. It speaks to the foundation of our expectations and He will satisfy us. He completes our life and makes it beautiful. We can daily expect He will satisfy our desires.

I encourage you to believe this! Receive this! Daily expect these things to happen in you. He is honest. He is faithful and He is true! The best is yet to come!

Something great is happening!

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